Reports – A report is a form of writing that presents information in an organised manner for a specific audience and purpose. It concisely presents facts and findings of an event that one has heard, investigated, or observed. Reports are written in specific formats.

 Types of Reports

 There are two types of reports: 

  1. Newspaper
  2. Magazine

In CBSE class 12 ‘Report writing’ comes as a long answer type question in Section B of the question paper and carries – 05 marks in the writing section. 

Prescribed word limit –120 – 150 words.

 CBSE Report writing- Marking scheme:

Format – 1M

Content – 2M

Expression – 2M

Report writing questions are of three types:

  1. Descriptive
  2. Analytical
  3. Based on given hints or inputs

Tips for Report writing:

  1. Should be brief and follow specifications and format
  2. Should be well structured, logical and coherent
  3. Should be presented in a consistent orderly manner
  4. Information should be analysed and presented with facts if required
  5. Should be free of grammatical, spelling and lexical errors
  6. Conclusion should round up the matter without leaving any loose threads.
  7. Must be in past tense
  8. Passive voice is used
  9. Short sentences should be preferred.
  10. Try to jot down the points in rough before writing.


Newspaper Report

  1. Headline- A descriptive title that expresses the contents.
  2. By line- Reporter’s name along with the designation.(generally provided; no personal details)
  3. Place and date of reporting- New Delhi; 22nd March.20XX:
  4. Introduction- Brief overview of the report including the expansion of headline.
  5. Body- It is generally written in two parts: First, complete account of what happened in its chronological sequence (preferably) What , When, Where, How (eg- Reason in case of accidents / Proceedings I case of events) and second -Reaction of people and authorities (messages from guests) ,Eyewitness account
  6. Conclusion- This will include the action that has been taken so far or that will be taken, Compensation and inquiry (for accidents). It is the last paragraph.


Newspaper report- ones which are published in newspapers.


                                                                            By- Reporter’s name and designation


Magazine Report

  1. Heading– A descriptive title
  2. By line- without personal (usually provided in the question).
  3. Introduction – It may include the ‘5 Ws’ namely, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, and WHERE along with WHO was invited as the chief guest.
  4. Body – It is the main paragraph which may be split in two if required. It should describe the event in proper sequence.
  5. Conclusion– This paragraph winds up the event. It may include quote excerpts from the Chief Guest’s speech or other relevant quotes.


Magazine reports – these are generally written for school/ college magazines


                                                                              Report by- Reporter’s name


Difference between Magazine and Newspaper Report

                 NEWSPAPER REPORT                  MAGAZINE REPORT
Byline with designationByline
Date and placeIntroduction
IntroductionDescription of event
Description of the event with views of witnessConclusion

Q 1. You are Mira Bhatt, a PTI (Press Trust of India) correspondent. You got the information about a building collapse in Chennai. Write a report. (150 – 200 words)

Hints: 150 feared dead – 6 storey building collapsed – fire brigade on duty – 50 admitted to hospital – rescue operations still on – many still trapped inside the debris


– Mira Bhatt , newspaper correspondent

Chennai; 10th April, 20XX: 150 people are feared dead as a six-storeyed building in Kagaznagar suddenly collapsed yesterday. Heavy downpours during the last few days resulted in the loosening of soil in the area. The building had been under the scanner of the authorities due to faulty construction. Notice for vacating the building had been issued but the building collapsed before it could be vacated due to incessant rain.

The fire brigade arrived immediately within 10 minutes of this accident. The rescue operation started in a hurry but provided timely and responsible help to the victims. In spite of this, 100 dead bodies have been admitted to the nearby government hospital. It is feared that 40 – 45 people might still be trapped inside the debris and the rescue team is constantly working to search for them. The fire- brigade is being assisted by local young volunteers from various non-governmental organisations. The assistance of the army has been sought to find out the people who are buried inside the debris.

The owners of this construction company have been arrested on the charges of negligence of norms during construction. The state chief minister visited the site and has assured complete justice to the victims.

Q2. Cultural Society of Sunrise Public School Ghaziabad organized an adult literary camp in its neighbourhood. Write a report in 150- 200 words on this campus for the school newsletter. You are Secretary, Amit / Amrita.


                                                                                           Report by Amrita

Keeping in mind the importance of ‘Education for All’, the Cultural Society of Sunshine Public School organised a month-long Adult literacy camp from 1st  November, 20XX to 1st December,20XX in an endeavour to bring the gift of literacy to those who were denied of it in their childhood.

The camp was inaugurated by the state education minister Sri Jagarnath Mahato who appreciated the efforts of the organisers and volunteers.  A total of 30 volunteers, comprising of both teachers and students of classes XI and XII, took the responsibility of making the camp successful. The camp was supervised by the Cultural Society Members. Classes were held within the school premises every day from 5pm to 7pm. About 200 participants enrolled for the Adult Literacy camp. Books, copies and writing equipment were donated by Ajanta Book Store.

The eager learners participated in the learning programme with enthusiasm. They expressed their gratitude to the organisers and said that the learning programme was the best gift that they received. Every participant learnt to sign their names and learnt to read and write which would make their lives easier.   

The event came to an end with the closing ceremony in which the Adult learners presented songs and a skit related to the benefits of literacy. The principal wound up the event with the inspirational quote –‘There is no going back in life, but one can always make a new start for a bright future.’

Q 3. You are cultural Secretary of Cambrian World School, Pune.  Recently there was a felicitation ceremony arranged for the high achievers of the school in different fields. Write a report for your school magazine in 150 – 200 words. You are Hritik / Ritika.

                                  FELICITATION CEREMONY FOR HIGH FLIERS

                                                                                                            Report by Ritika

It was a memorable day for Cambrian World School, Pune. When excellence got rewarded, amidst great applause on 15th May, 20XX. It was the occasion of felicitation ceremony for of achievers of the school in various fields.

The occasion was graced by Mr. XYZ,( Education Minister) as the Chief Guest. It was a fun –filled and entertaining event as preparations had been going on for weeks. The ceremony was made special with a theme-based cultural program. The theme was based on willpower and named ‘Fortitude’. The students who performed with excellence in different fields in the academic year 20XX- ‘XX, were awarded. The achievers were from the field of academics, sports, art, music and dance. Honourable chief guest gave away medals and certificates to each of the achievers. It was a red-letter day for the winners as it gave them confidence to excel in their own fields and aim higher. It also inspired the other students to perform better as they were motivated to be awarded in future. The chief guest, on the occasion congratulated each prize winner and expressed his satisfaction with the manner in which the school was shaping the future of its students in a positive way.  The Principal of the school Mr. ABC, gave the entire credit to the teachers, students and parents, whose determination and hard work resulted in their brilliant performance and success. All the 255 students awarded were the pride of the school and the Principal promised to provide all possible facilities for their future improvement.

A dance drama based on the theme of determination and perseverance was well suited to the day and appreciated by all.   There was contentment and joy in each and every face during the ceremony. The program came to an end with the hope of a brighter future for the students of the school.

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