Modern Malady

Photo by Mike Chai


The world is full of people,
Who are a crazy lot.
Sometimes I do feel,
 I’d rather be a bot.

They talk useless trash,
And love to praise their own.
They are rude, rash and rowdy,
And love to blame and groan.

They pull down others,
To reach the very top.
They’ll harm their own brothers,
At a hat’s drop.

The world is getting smaller,
Yet smaller are the hearts.
You cannot find a fella,
Who’ll  make your sorrow part.

We’re alone in a crowd,
Of a billion masked men.
The noise is high and loud,
And silent  is our pain.

We are getting crazier,
Finding solace in our bots.
But the vacuum is escalating,
As the social structure rots.


Questions That Arise

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Why do the corrupt pray so hard?
Why do they thrive if they are bad?
Why do the good, even if they pray,
Hardly ever find their way ?
Why are the kind thought to be weak?
Why does the world hurt the meek?
Why do the cunning always win?
In spite of being drowned in sin?

The gentle people of this world;
Must speak up for rights and be bold,
Take strong stands and fight for right ;
Fight for justice, with all their might.
Till faith and peace, regains the throne
And belief in goodness is reborn.


Our life itself is a dream come true. It has given us an opportunity to fulfil our hearts desire. What more can we ask for?
Pursue your dreams, till they become a reality.

Dreaming dreams never helped ,
Until we’re wide awake.
To opportunities that flow our way,
Only for our sake .

Every moment is meant to be ,
Spent in the finest mode;
Brick by brick we realise our dreams.
Thru actions bad and good.

Step by step we move towards,
What we strive to be.
Our Future is a reflection of,
The thoughts of you and me.

Success comes in every step,
That we take to reach our aim.
Every step we take is new,
Two steps are never the same.

We get a chance to fulfil our dreams,
With every rising sun.
It’s up to us, what we achieve,
When the day is done.

Time runs fast we know from past,
And is same for everyone.
Work and play,fulfil the dreams,
For Life is all but one.

                    Sumita Tah 

Everything is necessary.

Be thankful for whatever you have.

Without darkness ,
Light is worthless.
Without  hatred , 
Love is bland.

In absence of bad
Goodness is worthless .
Without cruelty ,
It’s useless being kind.

Without the night .
Who’d care for light?
Without silence,
Who’d care for sound?

Without sadness ,
What’s the use of happiness ?
What would be life?
Without its strife.

Everything has its use,
Everything has its need.
Every being is priceless .
Whatever be the creed.

                  Sumita Tah