The Magic of Trees


Four rows of trees…
And you’re free from the noise of traffic.
That’s almost like a miracle that you witness,
When you’re inside the wood.

Four rows of trees…
And you can hear the sound of silence.
The cricket’s sonorous creeks,
Welcome you to the lap of nature.

Four rows of trees…
And you forget about your troubles.
They seem like useless distractions,
That rob you of simple pleasures.

Four rows of trees…
And you can identify each crickets creek;
Some short, some long, some almost like a song.
They are the magical elements of nature.

Four rows of trees…
And you can be the audience to the chorus,
Of the multitude of birds, singing their songs.
Each answering the call of the other.

Four rows of trees…
And you can even listen to your soul.
The pain and pleasures of life;
Swell up and subside,
Giving way to calmness of mind.

Four rows of trees…
Is all it takes, to transfer you to that magic land;
Where you are yourself.
No guard, no pretence , no tact required.

Four rows of trees…
Can cure your body , mind and soul;
Which the materialistic world cannot.
It is a balm, for you, me and rest of the world.

The Unknown Path

You see miracles, when you walk through nature ______________

I went out for my morning walk,
Sharp at seven today.
The crisp cool wind swept my hair;
As I went my way.

Squirrels scuttered, birds sang,
Trees waved in the breeze.
Happy clouds floated by;
Nature seemed so pleased.

I loved each moment of the morn,
Strolling through the woods.
The lonely path beckoned me;
It felt so calm and good.

I went along the lonely stretch,
Sceptical of the unknown.
The unknown soon became so dear,
That solitude became a boon.

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

Vincent van Gogh