Peace and prosperity
A regular day  out
Is what we want in life
Other things are luxury

We realise the importance
Of everyday blessings
When it slips away
Like sands from our hands

The freedom to move around
In blissful bountiful nature
Without worries to wear you down
Is what the heart craves for

It doesn’t take the law
To imprison the masses
In their demure homes
For months at a stretch

Invisible voiceless viruses
Can change and ruin lives
Punish people without trials
For abstract faults of man.

City lights

Photo by Kostiantyn Stupak .


I looked out into the sea,
Of glittering lights beneath.
Spreading out into acres,
 As far as eyes could see.

I had beheld them before,
But today they seem;
To be polished to a shine,
I had never before seen.

Crystal clear lights,
Descried through crystal eyes;
I perceive my lens are clean,
But its nature who has got its sheen.

Darkness in the hearts,
Colours in nature beyond;
Dance a tango for months,
Entertaining mankind for a price.

Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com