Mute Spectators

I watched men saw down
Hundred year old trees
For widening roads
For constructing overpasses
For apartment complexes
With state of art amenities.

The hapless trees fell
Without tears or shrieks
Well paid for the oxygen
They gave us to breathe
Their silent curses combined
To pave the way for hell on earth.

Intense heat and hot winds
Parched throats in parched lands
Blaming greedy ancestors
For thier thoughtless actions
For not acting while there was time
To save the glaciers and the earth.

The naked earth sans trees
With unkempt highways
Abandoned complexes
Standing as witnesses
To the stupidities of generations
That destroyed the chances of the next.

We know what we do
Their outcomes we know too
But are drugged with avarice
We deliberately walk the way
Towards a future that is bleak
A future burnt with intense heat.

Photo by Lukas