Depreciation – of, by, for Humans

I feel belittled,
I feel worthless.
I feel my mind is but a snail
That’s old and worn.
It takes so much time;
So much of the precious time,
To create something mediocre.
Something that can easily be replaced,
By even the simplest of chat bots.
The supreme successors of ChatGPT.

My only consolation is –
That I do have things that AI lacks.
My ability to imagine,
And create things hitherto unknown.
To feel a myriad of emotions,
To live, to feel and to perish;
When my journey to earth is done.
To value God’s creations,
To love my loved ones to bits.
These still set me apart from the AI,
Which is till date inferior;
To the creations of the Supreme Lord.

Photo by Sanket Mishra