Life is a wiff of air…
Ending sooner than we presume.
Yet, we crumble thinking of tomorrow,
That never ever comes.
All we experience is the past,
And waste the present in apprehensions.

Yet, how lovely is the present;
The greatest gift of God,
With its beauty all around,
Inviting us to perceive, and create
Indelible joyful memories,
To cherish in the days to come.

Yet, we deliberately turn a blind eye,
And rush to secure a future;
Which is as certain as the rain,
In the scorching summer days.
We slave day and night,
Keeping enjoyment for tomorrow.

Then future becomes the present,
Presenting its glory to all;
But scarce is the time to gaze,
And enjoy its beauty sublime.
For we need to slog for tomorrow,
That’s more wondrous than today.

Little do we know…
That today is the tomorrow;
For which we waited forever.
The tomorrow we yearned for,
Toiling day and night
To relax and enjoy with ease.

So, relish the taste of every moment,
Every feeling has a different taste.
Coming in varying combinations,
Of situations and individuals.
Spicing up the dish of life.
Life is today…live it now.