Business letters fall in the category of Formal letters.

Business letters are formal letters used for official communication. They are written to or by commercial/ business enterprises for business correspondence. Therefore, they must be simple, brief, clear and formal in tone and content. . A business letter is a permanent written record and is an important document having importance in legal matters. As commercial correspondence is very important in today’s world, mastering the art of writing business letters will definitely get one an added advantage

There are basically three types of business letters – i) Enquiry ii) Order iii) Complaint

  1. Enquiry –
    • For a course
    • Regarding service
    • For a product
  2. Order
    • Placing order
    • Cancelling order
    • Reply to order letter
  3. Complaint-
    • For deficiency in services
    • For defective product


  1. Letter must be to the point and clear
  2. Use simple formal language
  3. Avoid abbreviations
  4. Write – Yours faithfully/ Yours truly in complimentary close
  5. Yours sincerely- may be used if the name of the recipient is used
  6. Underline the subject
  7. Write the main point or theme in the introductory paragraph
  8. Write the details in the body paragraph
  9. Use separate paragraphs for each topic in body paragraph if required
  10. Sum up the content in the concluding paragraph

Business letters are used for –

  1. Making an enquiry
  2. Replying to an enquiry
  3. Placing an order
  4. Cancellation of an order
  5. Lodging a complaint



Sender’s address

Date (1st January, 20XX)

Receiver’s address



Content of letter (with introduction, body and conclusion)

Complimentary close


Format                1 mark

Content               2 marks

Expression          2 marks


Total                      5 marks


Word limit – 120 to 150 words


1) Enquiry for correspondence course

Q.) You are interested in learning fashion technology through a correspondence course. Write a letter to the Principal of National Institute of Fashion, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-16, asking about the details of the course offered by them. You are Mahua/ Mahesh living in 2/A Ashok Vihar, Ranchi.

2/A Ashoke Vihar


1st January, 20XX


 National Institute of Fashion

 Hauz Khas

 New Delhi-16

Subject: Enquiring about correspondence course in fashion technology.

Sir/ Madam

I have just passed my class 12th examination with 92% marks. I am interested in joining a course in fashion technology, but I want to do it through correspondence. With reference to your advertisement in Hindustan Times dated 20th December, 20XX, I came to know that your institute is a leading one for this course.

I would like to receive details about this course. Please send me details regarding the duration and content of the course. Also I would like to know about the details of the fee structure and whether it could be paid through installments. It would be good to know the intervals at which the exams are conducted. Along with these kindly provide the list of the study and test centres of your institute. 

If brochure or prospectus is available kindly mail it to me at the postal address provided.

Looking forward to an early response.

Yours faithfully


2) Enquiry about rates for a party.

 Q.) You are Mahi/ Mahima, living in 34. Gandhi Road, Madurai. Write a letter to the manager BNR Regency, Raman Avenue,  Madurai, to find our about the rates for conducting the class 12 farewell party on their lawns. Enquire about the catering costs per head, service charges and advance to be paid.


34. Gandhi Road


1st January, 20XX

The Manager

The BNR Regency

10. Raman Avenue


Subject: Enquiring about rates for conducting farewell party.

Sir/ Madam

We are interested in conducting a farewell party for students of class 12 on 1st February, 20XX on  the lawns of your hotel. We are a group of 200 students and would like to hire your lawns from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Before finalizing the venue, we would like to know about the rates for conducting the party. Kindly send us the rates for catering cost per head, service charges and advance to be paid. We would also like to view the menu for continental food. Please inform us of the additional costs if any.

Waiting for an early response.

Yours truly



( Value points for referring to letter of enquiry)

Q. You are Ashis Saraf, Manager, The BNR Regency, Madurai. Write a letter to Mahi, 34. Gandhi Road, Madurai answering his queries about the charges of hiring out your lawns, catering costs per head, service charges and advance to be paid. 

The BNR Regency


15th  January, 20XX

34. Gandhi Road


Subject: Reply to inquiry about hiring out lawn for party.


This is with reference to to your letter dated 1st January, 20XX enquiring about the charges for organizing a party at our lawn.

I am glad to inform that our lawn will be available for your party of about 200 people on 1st July, 20XX, as you have specified. The charges for hiring out our lawn is Rs 40,000. The cost of catering per head will be Rs 400/- per head. As you are availing our lawn, services will be free. We would prefer at least 40% of the total cost as down payment. Online payment will be preferred.

Looking forward to an eventful celebration with you. Waiting for an early confirmation.

Yours truly

Asish Saraf


Reply to letter of enquiry from National Institute of Fashion.

Q. You are the Public Relations officer of the National Institute of Fashion, New Delhi. Write a letter replying to Mahua as she had enquired about course in fashion technology through correspondence.

National Institute of Fashion

 Hauz Khas

 New Delhi-16

1st January, 20XX

2/A Ashoke Vihar


Subject: Replying to enquiry about correspondence course in fashion technology.


This is in response to your letter dated 1st January, 20XX enquiring about the details of the correspondence course in fashion technology.

It is a 2-year course in fashion technology and designing. The total fees over the two years consists of Rs 5 lakhs to be paid in 6 installments. All study materials will be posted to the registered address. The course includes :

  • Fashion Illustrations.
  • Elements of Design and Application.
  • Fashion Stylization.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Fashion Retailing, Merchandising and Marketing.
  • Design Collection and Portfolio Building.
  • Apparel Quality and Management.
  • Fashion Art and Design

The course will be covered in four semesters and online exams will be held after every semester. A prospectus is being sent for other related queries.  An application form is attached with this letter. Hoping to hear from you at the earliest.

Yours faithfully


Public Relations officer


Q. You are Harsh/ Harshita, the student in-charge of the school library. You have been asked to place an order for children’s story books (10-14yrs). Write a letter to Kolkata Book Depot, College Street, Kolkata placing an order for the books. Invent necessary details. Your address will be Delhi Public School, Rajarhat, Kolkata.

DelhiPublic School

Rajarhat, Kolkata

15th January. 20XX

The Sales Manager

Kolkata Book Depot

College Street, Kolkata

Subject: Placing an order for children’s books.


We are going begin a new kid’s section in our school library for which we need some children’s story books. The list is as follows:

Sl. No.Name of bookNo. of copies
1.   2.   3.     4.     5.Panchatantra   Jataka Tales   Journey to the Centre of the Earth   Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone   Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban5   5   5     5     5    

Please ensure that the books are of the latest edition. We want you to send the books by 15th February, 20XX. We would make the payment in cheque once the bboks are delivered. As the order is in bulk , we hope to get a good discount.

Hoping to hear from you at the earliest.

Yours truly


Student incharge

Q, Write a letter to the manager of The Taj, Mumbai, asking him to reserve a 15 double-bed rooms for a group of 30 students in the month of February. You are Rohini/ Rohit of B/202 Atis Enclave, Ashoka Path, Shimla.

B/202 Atis Enclave

 Ashoka Lane, Shimla

15th January, 20XX

The Manager

The Taj


Subject: Reservation of rooms.


We would like to reserve fifteen double-bed rooms for a group of thirty students in your hotel from 4th February, 20XX to 8th February,20XX.

We require 10 non-A/C double bed rooms. We would also like to avail complimentary breakfast if available. Please inform us about the availability of rooms for the period. Also send us the details of room rent and additional charges if any.

Waiting for your early reply.

Yours faithfully



Q. You are Anshu/ Anshuma from Mac Garments, Shop No. -34, Manali Complex, Shimla. You placed an order with Shyam Textiles, Mangalore for the supply of 200 T-shirts. But the firm has delayed the execution of the order. Write a letter to the sales manager, cancelling the order.

[ Reference to the previous communication(letter ) is essential.]


Mac Garments

Shop No. -34, Manali Complex


30th October, 20XX

The Sales Manager

Shyam Textiles


Subject: Cancellation of order for T-shirts.

Sir/ Madam

We had placed an order with your firm, ref. Order No. – 2528 dated  5th October, 20XX for 200 T-shirts to be delivered by 10th October, 20XX.

Till date we have not received the goods, nor have we heard from you. Due to your failure to send the shipment within the time agreed upon, we hereby cancel the said order. In case the goods arrive, we shall be unable to accept them.

We shall also be forced to reconsider any further business relations with your company.

We look forward to a prompt reply from your side.

Yours truly


Q. You had ordered 400 watches from Quartzer Watch Co., Juhu, Mumbai. The shipment of 100 smartwatches was received by your shop two days ago. However a serious delay in delivery and sub-standard goods have caused disappointment to your most valued customers. Write a letter to the sales manager of Quartzer Watch Co. informing them that you are returning the assignment and cancelling the order. You are Sohan / Sohini, the Proprietor of Sohini Watches, A. G. Road, Lucknow.

Sohini   watches

A. G. Watches


15th July, 20XX

The Sales Manager

Quartzer Watch Co.

 Juhu, Mumbai.

Subject: Cancellation and returning of order for smartwatches.


We had placed an order on June 1st, 20XX with your firm, ref. Order No. -1028, expected to be delivered on 20th June. The order of 100 smartwatches was delivered two weeks ago, on 2nd July. 20XX.

We regret to inform you that the extreme delay in shipment coupled with the substandard quality of goods have caused disappointment to our valued customers. Thus, we have decided to return the goods and cancel the order.

We have lso been forced to reconsider any further business relations with your company.

Looking forward to prompt reply.

Yours faithfully




[Para 1 :- Reference

Para 2 :- Problems / Defects

Para 3 :- Seek Redressal]

Q. Ms Vinita Verma, HOD English, St. Vincent School, Patna had placed an order with Electra Electronics, Dadra, Nagpur for purchasing 10  recording equipments for the English Lab. When the parcel was received, she observed that only 8 recorders were sent and three of them are not functioning. Write a letter of complaint.

St. Vincent’s School


16th July, 20XX

The Sales Manager

Electra Electronics

Dadra, Nagpur

Subject: Complaint about incomplete and defective order.


This is with reference to the order of 10 recorders, order no. 9187, dated 1st July, 20XX. The shipment was received on 14th July.

We had placed on order for ten recorders. On receiving the shipment, we found that only 8 recorders had been sent. On further inspection, 3 recorders were found to be defective. Thus, we have decided to return the parcel.

We would like a replacement of the order by 25th July, 20XX. Please ensure that all ten recorders are of good quality.

Looking forward to a prompt reply.

Yours sincerely

 Vinita Verma

HOD, English


Begin with- This is to ring to your notice…

Q. Write a letter to the police commissioner (Traffic) complaining about the inadequate parking facilities in the commercial street of Chennai, which is causing a lot of inconvenience to the people. You may also offer some suggestions to correct this problem. You are Hitesh/ Hervi, C/12, Dover Road, Chennai.

C/12, Dover Road


16th July, 20XX

The Police Commissioner


Subject: Inadequate Parking facilities.


This is to bring to your notice that the parking facilities of Chennai in the commercial streets are inadequate in proportion to requirement.

This problem causes a lot of inconvenience for the common people and the traffic management. Due to lack of parking areas, cars and two-wheelers alike are found to be parked on the roadside, which leads to congestion of roads and traffic jams. Oddly parked vehicles also pose a danger as they increase the chances of accidents. The precious time of the citizens of Chennai are spent on finding parking space and on traffic jams.

This situation can be improved by building multi-storeyed parking lots, which will utilize less space and give more parking area. Use of public transport should be encouraged to decrease the number of vehicles on the roads of Chennai. Traffic police must also take strict action against parking of vehicles in non-parking zones.

Looking forward to prompt action towards betterment of the city.

Yours sincerely