Stress among Students

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With every rising sun, humans are accelerating towards a civilization that is more advanced with greater comforts than ever before. The efforts to make life easier, has gained immense momentum in the new era. Each day, a new device or gadget finds its way into the shelves or sites of modern online and offline stores. The surprisingly our lives, as well as our children’s, keep getting more and more complicated and difficult each day.  

The students of this age are at strange cross-roads. On one hand they are showered with unnecessary luxuries from the day they are born, and on the other they are gagged with undue expectations which make their lives virtual a hell. At the early stages,they are pampered by their over-indulgent parents, who find it easier to give in to demands rather than confront and counsel children for their unacceptable demands. These very parents at a later stage, put a huge burden of invisible expectations on the children.

The primary cause of stress among the young generation is the cut throat competition in every sphere. Right from their childhood they are exposed to a highly competitive environment in schools. The rat race for getting admission to prime institutions starts early. The overwhelming population which goes on rising every year makes the struggle for existence more challenging each year.

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The outcomes of constant stress are proving to be extremely harmful for the mental as well as physical health of students. Episodic stress during exams, have become a common phenomenon.  The constant evaluation of students for improving their performance results in endless stress for students; leading to depression, exhaustion, type two diabetes, increased blood pressure and a host of other illnesses.

Sometimes the stress becomes so severe that some students even contemplate suicide as they are unable to see the brighter world of opportunities awaiting those who dare to come out of their dungeons of dark expectations.

The world needs to address the issue of student stress and find a way out to help students escape the whirlpool of expectations that lead to stressful lives. The pandemic has shown us that it is possible to live a life without excessive travelling and unnecessary buying. The less one spends, the less is the stress of earning more; which is the underlying factor behind the break neck competition among the youth.

‘The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.’

-(John Milton, Paradise Lost)

 It is our mind that is responsible for our happiness or misery. Qualified counselors and mentors can help students to deal with their stress. Carving out a hobby time, practicing meditation, doing exercise, having sufficient sleep and connecting with supportive people can help students live a stress free life. However, it is important to look into the matter with utmost seriousness and root out the causes responsible for dragging young minds into the vortex of stress right from their childhood-  a time meant for play and mirth.

Childhood should be carefree playing in the sun. Not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.

Dave Pelzer
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