A Poem about Poems

Poems, poems, poems,
Poems without wings;
Poems, poems , poems,
By scores in the bling.

Poems about people,
Poems you can sing;
Poems about nature,
Poems of your dreams.

Poems which are famous,
By poets new and old;
Poems which are priceless,
Valued more than gold.

Poems are in abundance,
But scarce is the time;
To go through the poems,
Reading line by line.

Rushing through the day,
Meeting all deadlines;
Gobbling down the meals,
Keeping fit and fine.

Are priorities of today,
Where’s the time to whine?
About life, love and beauty;
Things that make you shine.

Poems, poems, poems,
Poems by the score;
Are piled up each moment,
On the net’s floor.

But poems which are jewels,
Like poems of the yore;
Are rarely penned down,
By poets anymore.

Photo by Gabby K