Usually a lifetime is too short to know oneself. We may all describe our societal identities but that is often the limit. In my endeavour to tell you about myself , I find my resources limited.

The sky is the limit.
The sky is the limit.

I am a dreamer……. I think that would end my description….. Well, apart from spending a major chunk of my life building exquisite castles in the cloud, I also had on and off stunts in reputed schools, as a teacher of English.

I became a teacher because …. according to a saying in my country… ‘A person who can not become what he/she wants in life, becomes a teacher.’ Now according to my views, it is totally incorrect. I’ll tell you why.

Being a teacher, next to being a mother of two, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of life. Every child to me is an amazing creation of God, created to perform wonders. Their thoughts, actions, speech, every aspect of a child’s being amazes me. To most of the students, a teacher is a role model. No offences meant, but it depends on the teacher too.

My students have always showered me with more love than I deserve. It is this love, that I have hoarded from most of the people I have encountered , which is my true wealth. Apart from my immediate and extended family, of course.

Learning new things all the time keeps me going . Apart from being an amateur unpublished writer , I am an ardent environmentalist who is greatly concerned about plastic menace and climate change. I love to paint , help others and spread kindness and empathy.

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