Time Management

This is a repost which will help us to make better use of our Time.

Time management is crucial for success , especially so for the present day students aspiring to get into premier institutions .

Time and tide waits for none.

Time is same for everyone , everywhere and in any phase of history. It is known to everyone that time once lost is lost forever. It is the most valuable thing that God has given for free. Achievers have achieved their success because they have been able to make optimum use of this vital free resource. The correct use of time creates miracles in ones life.

Techniques for time management :

  • Wake up early.
  • Plan your daily routine.
  • Set small achievable goals.
  • Stick to target and complete it.
  • Keep time for exercise and relaxation.
  • Compete with yourself.
  • Do not procrastinate.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Take a break after every 30 mins.
  • Sleep well .
  • Do not let work pile up.
  • Meditate to stay focused.
  • Do not get stressed.
Plan and keep reminders.

Time management becomes easier when bigger overwhelming tasks, which tend to be procrastinated, are broken down into achievable goals. These goals need to be planned out and completed in time. For every goal reached you may reward yourself.

Reminders help in reducing undue stress , and help in achieving goals effectively . Delegating work also helps in getting more free time, which can be effectively used for purposeful work. Getting sufficient sleep helps in memory retention and boosts work efficiency.

Use these time management techniques and achieve goals with grit and determination. For its rightly said ,

“Winners give results, losers give excuses.”


Poetry Analysis

Maya Angelou was an American poet, memoirist and civil rights activist. ‘I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing’ is one of her most popular works. On its very superficial layer, the poem contrasts the experiences of the caged birds with that of the free birds. But it is not only that, remember Maya Angelou was a civil rights activist. Through the extended metaphor of birds, the poet talks about the historical oppression of the African-American community in the American society.

The opening stanza of the poem demonstrates the freedom the bird experiences as it moves freely in the wind, gliding up and down but the poem quickly takes a somber tone when it talks about the caged birds. Words like ‘narrow cage‘ and ‘bars of rage’ signify the distressed situation of the caged bird. Further, his wings are clipped and his feet are tied. The wavering voice of…

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Glass Ceilings

Photo – Indian Express

‘Women don’t walk bare feet
There’s glass all around.’
Around the White House area
This graffiti was found.

It took time for women,
To conjure civilizations;
Nurturing minds and bodies,
Awakening realisations.

For a life beyond imagination,
Raising levels of achievement;
With each and every generation,
Sacrificing their own fulfilment.

‘I am the first in this office,
  But I won’t be the last.’
 Said a beaming Kamala,
 Making the obvious forecast.

Her mother beamed from above,
Her labour had bourne fruit.
May all mothers set example,
For their young ones to pursuit.

May the space be the limit-
For generations to come.
May the world be led by leaders,
Who lead with wisdom.

Onomatopoeic words


…. Skitterphoto

In English, ‘onomatopoeia’ is a figure of speech in which words are formed by an imitation of sound associated with something .It is a Greek word which means formation of names. Onomatopoeic words are vocal imitation of sounds. These words brings language to life and are fun to use.

Onomatopoeic words

Ahem of clearing throat
Arghh of an angry exclamation
Bang of guns
Babble of children talking
Blare of bands
Boom of cannon
Bump during collision
Bleep of electronic device
Buzz of bees/ phone
Click of door/ window/lock/ camera
Clap of thunder/ hands
Clank of chains
Clangour of hammer
Chime/Cling/Ring/Tinkle of bells
Chatter of teeth/ river/monkeys
Clatter of dishes/ big cities
Crack of whip
Crackle of ice/ fire/ glass/paintwork/ varnish
Crash of waves/ waterfall/ car
Creak of doors
Ding-dong of bells
Flip-Flop of slippers
Gurgle of water/ stream
Hiss of snake/ steam
Honk of horn.
Howl of winds/ wolves
Jingle of coins/ bells
Jangle of keys
Lap of waves / animal drinking
Meow of cats
Moo of cows
Moan of people in distress
Murmur of people speaking in a low voice
Mumble/ Mutter/ Glibber of a person talking
Plop of thing falling into water
Poof of a thing disappearing
Pop of a bottle cork
Patter of rain
Rustle of wind
Rattle of throat/ cars
Rumble of thunder/ waves/ avalanche
Sniff of nose
Scream of person/ engine
Shriek of a whistle/ person
Sizzle of sausages
Slam of door/ window
Slurp of sipping liquids
Snore of a sleeping person’s nose
Stammer of speech
Sneeze of a person
Squeak of a mouse/ person
Splash of oars on water/ water
Swish of silk/ dress/gown
Susurrus of wind
Screech of door /car/ monkey
Tap on the door
Tick of clock
Toot of horn
Twang of guitar/ musical instruments/horn
Throb of the heart
Trickle/ gush/ gurgle/ dip of water
Thud of heavy things falling
Whirr of a machine
Whizz of a bullet/ firework
Zip of a zipper

Sounds of Animals

Certain calls of animals are also onomatopoeic words. Though animals speak the same sounds all over the world different places have different ways of describing them. These onomatopoeic words related to animals often have long vowels like ‘oo’ , ‘ay’ attached to them.

Apes – gibber
Bees – buzz/ hum / drone
Birds – chirp / twitter
Camels – trumpet
Cats – mew / purr / caterwaul (when angry)
Cocks – crow
Cows / cattle – moo / low
Cricket – chirp / squeak
Crows – caw
Deer – bell / bark
Dogs – bark / bay/ yelp /snarl /growl
Dolphin – click
Donkeys – bray
Doves – coo
Ducks – quack
Eagles/ hawks/kites/peacocks – scream
Elephants – trumpet
Flies –buzz
Frogs – croak
Giraffe – bleat / hum
Goats – bleat /maa
Goose – honk
Guinea pig – wheek
Hare – squeak
Hamsters – squeak
Hens – cluck/ cackle
Hippopotamus – growl
Hornet – buzz
Hummingbirds – hum
Horses – neigh/ snort
Jackals – howl
Koala – shriek
larks – warble
Lambs – bleat
Lions – roar
locust – chirp
Mice – squeak
Moose – bellow
Mosquitoes – whine
Nightingales – warble
Monkeys – screech/ chatter
Ostriches – chirp/ bark
Owls– hoot/ scream/ shriek
Oxen – bellow
Parrots – screech/ squawk
Pigeons – coo
Pigs – grunt/ oink/ snort/squeal
Raccoons – trill
Ravens – croak
Rabbits – squeak / drum
Rhinoceros – bellow
Roosters – crow
Seagulls – scream / squawk
Seals – bark
Sheep – bleat
Snakes – hiss
Squirrels – squeak
Tigers – roar/ growl
Turkeys – gobble
Vultures – scream
Whales – sing
Wolves – snarl/ whine/ howl
Yaks – grunt/ squeak
Zebras – whinny

Questioning Traditions

Photo by Magda Ehlers.


For centuries we have followed,
What others have taught us.
They are the timeless traditions-
What we have not been told,
Is that we too have the capacity,
To think just as others did,
In the yesteryears and preached.
We have the ability to rethink,
Whether what they taught was true,
We have the capacity to rewire,
And re-mould our minds,
Turning them into powerhouses,
Capable of living a higher life,
Completely different from,
What we could ever imagine.
It is the mind and heart,
Where the real power resides.
It’s time to mine the mind;
And bring out priceless elements,
The matter that maketh God.

Quotes & Notes: William Wordsworth # My Heart Leaps Up

Creative Expressions

My heart leaps up when I behold 
   A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began; 
So is it now I am a man; 
So be it when I shall grow old, 
   Or let me die!
The Child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.
 # William Wordsworth

Notes: The beautiful poem quoted above happens to be one of William Wordsworth’s most popular poems. It professes his deep love for nature and its innumerable manifestations. Here, he speaks about a rainbow, which is an inevitable fascination for everyone, especially children.

Wordsworth’s heart leaps up with thrill and excitement when he beholds a rainbow in the sky. That truly happens to most of us who get stunned for a while when sunrays and rain-droplets paint an awesome seven coloured bow in the…

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Tranquil Nights

Photo by Joonas

Moonlight beams through the pane,
Casting ethereal shadows,
Soothing my battered mind,
Reminiscent of days of yore.
When magical hands of mother,
Took away all misery and pain,
Transmitting boundless bliss.
Tranquil nights rejuvenate,
Dejected souls in quest of peace.

Who Are You?

Photo by Tu


You are light that fills your life,
You are the air that helps you breathe,
You are the tree  that’s waiting to grow,
You are that wondrous magical seed,
You are an uncut diamond bright,
You are all you’ll ever need.

Look within and you shall see,
That very person of your dream,
In yourself you shall always find,
A winsome winner who’s born to win.
Pat yourself for what you’ve been,
And live the dream that you had seen.

Forget the things that went wrong,
Fill your days with hope ‘n’ fun ,
Be calm and happy in highs and lows,
And watch your success as it grows.
Add to the work that you’ve done,
Just don’t give up till you have won.

You are the one who loves you most,
In your world you are the sun.

Photo by Peter Fazekas