Thought for Food

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Methinks its nice,
To have chocolates and  ice,
A plate of steaming pasta,
A melting hot pizza,
A yummy juicy burger,
With a large pack of fries,
Lay ’em on the table,
And see if I’m able,
To make ’em dissapear,
Sans spells, in a trice.

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Maud’s Misadventure

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Jumping over a high wall,
Maud entered a garden small.
Trees laden with ripened mangoes;
With aroma had made a clarion call.

Creeping over dull dead leaves,
As softly as she could;
She climbed up a friendly tree;
As any samaritan would.

She ate the mangoes offered,
By the old and friendly tree;
She didn’t need to spend a nickel ,
For the tree had given them free.

Then walked in Donald Drake,
And said that he owned the tree.
It was his land and property,
Though the tree didn’t quite agree.

The tree had made its fruit,
Without any human help.
With assistance from mother earth,
It had done all its work itself.

It was happy for li’ll Maud,
Who happily ate his fruit,
Its branches danced merrily,
Though it remained mute.

The self proclaimed owner frowned,
To see the girl on the tree.
Swinging her legs from a branch,
Eating ripened fruits merrily.

“Hey there! You girl!” he yelled,
“How dare you climb my tree?
How dare you eat my fruit,
Without permission from me?”

“Sorry! Uncle Donald,
I thought they were free.
I dn’t know you made them,
I thought it belonged to the tree.”

“You silly brainless fellow!
Though the fruits are on the tree,
The amazing truth is that,
The tree belongs to me.

I  may cut or keep it.
I may do as I please.
I may sell it to another.
Or give it on a lease.”

“It’s Ok unca Donald,
But I wish that the trees.
Could speak out and convey,
Whether they do or don’t agree.’

“Out! out, of my garden Maud;
Your face I don’t wanna see.
You’ll ne’er again come to my garden.
You’re totally barred from entry.”

Maud was shown to the gate,
And after much disgrace.
Dragged herself out of the garden;
With a distraught ‘n’ demure face.

The tree fumed inside out,
At the audacity of man.
Suddenly a branch fell on Donald,
And there wasn’t any help at hand.

Without bag and baggage,
Unca Donald left the Earth .
Dust to dust was his journey
A handful of dirt is his worth.

Response to a writing prompt


Imagine you have a superpower of your choice. However, no one knows about it! What does your superpower enable you to do? Do you confide in anyone? What happens?

If you want to join in the fun just ping the entry back to me.

I’m kinda glad no one is aware, at least not yet, that I write obituaries. Now you probably stopped right there and said, wtf? Or how’s that a superpower. I guess it depends on if you’re alive or dead after I’ve finished writing it. As a child, I was terrified of ghosts, but then I discovered people were much scarier, so I decided to write their demise. That way, they couldn’t hurt me anymore. Oddly enough, whenever I did, they would die the same way I had written, so I explored with causes of death.

Who knew eliminating people could be so much fun. I was…

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The Rise

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Failures are hard to digest
When you give your best
And yet you fail.
Your dreams dash
Break into smithereens,
Reflecting parts of you
That once was whole.

Yet you know,
You have to get back
And try once more;
To bring back those pieces,
To mount the peak,
And with sweat and blood
Achieve what you crave.

Dreams may break.
But the indomitable spirit
That is inherent in you;
Can never be shattered
And is, has been, will be…
The reason for achieving
Your heart’s fervid desires.

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The Cause

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____ ______ ______

The noble ones suffer,
While the devils prosper.
The ones who serve…
Make others happy,
Sacrifice their well-being;
For the good of others,
Are chosen by God,
To give trying tests in life.

They burn, they suffer,
And fail to see…
The cause for suffering,
And think, Why Me?
While the wicked enjoy,
A life of gluttony and bliss;
What did I do…
To deserve such pain?
Is it the result of past sins?
Bewildered they wonder.

Why is God so unjust?
To fill life’s path with thorns;
When evil ones have beds of roses?
God gently wipes a tear,
And says, ‘You are my soldier,
My warrior,  my hope.
You shall be endowed with power,
To restore the order of things.

These incidents are nothing
But attention seeking devices
To channelise you towards action,
Needed to restore faith.
You are my arms hand and feet;
Through you I work;
So that the world becomes,
A heavenly place to live…
For generations to come.
Do not give up…
Feel dejected, or hopeless.
Remember it is because,
Of noble ones like you,
That the world is worth living.
Wake up! And work for me!
When you come back;
It is you that I shall embrace,
With flowing tears and love.’

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Top 10 SEO Tools That Are Helpful for Authors — Nicholas C. Rossis

Stress among Students

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With every rising sun, humans are accelerating towards a civilization that is more advanced with greater comforts than ever before. The efforts to make life easier, has gained immense momentum in the new era. Each day, a new device or gadget finds its way into the shelves or sites of modern online and offline stores. The surprisingly our lives, as well as our children’s, keep getting more and more complicated and difficult each day.  

The students of this age are at strange cross-roads. On one hand they are showered with unnecessary luxuries from the day they are born, and on the other they are gagged with undue expectations which make their lives virtual a hell. At the early stages,they are pampered by their over-indulgent parents, who find it easier to give in to demands rather than confront and counsel children for their unacceptable demands. These very parents at a later stage, put a huge burden of invisible expectations on the children.

The primary cause of stress among the young generation is the cut throat competition in every sphere. Right from their childhood they are exposed to a highly competitive environment in schools. The rat race for getting admission to prime institutions starts early. The overwhelming population which goes on rising every year makes the struggle for existence more challenging each year.

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The outcomes of constant stress are proving to be extremely harmful for the mental as well as physical health of students. Episodic stress during exams, have become a common phenomenon.  The constant evaluation of students for improving their performance results in endless stress for students; leading to depression, exhaustion, type two diabetes, increased blood pressure and a host of other illnesses.

Sometimes the stress becomes so severe that some students even contemplate suicide as they are unable to see the brighter world of opportunities awaiting those who dare to come out of their dungeons of dark expectations.

The world needs to address the issue of student stress and find a way out to help students escape the whirlpool of expectations that lead to stressful lives. The pandemic has shown us that it is possible to live a life without excessive travelling and unnecessary buying. The less one spends, the less is the stress of earning more; which is the underlying factor behind the break neck competition among the youth.

‘The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.’

-(John Milton, Paradise Lost)

 It is our mind that is responsible for our happiness or misery. Qualified counselors and mentors can help students to deal with their stress. Carving out a hobby time, practicing meditation, doing exercise, having sufficient sleep and connecting with supportive people can help students live a stress free life. However, it is important to look into the matter with utmost seriousness and root out the causes responsible for dragging young minds into the vortex of stress right from their childhood-  a time meant for play and mirth.

Childhood should be carefree playing in the sun. Not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.

Dave Pelzer
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O Goddess of strength!
Fill the Earth with hope,
Happiness and health.
Let evil be deafeated,
And goodness prevail.
Let the world be a place;
Secure for all living beings.
Let faith be restored,
And lives flow with ease.
With this prayer,
I offer you my love;
Obeisance and worship.
Take my offers O’Mother,
And shower us with blessings.
Filling our lives with joy,
Contentment, peace and bliss.