A Guide to Choosing the Best Places to Study Abroad — International Journal of Research (IJR)

Questions about the best places to study abroad are frequently on the minds of many applicants who are eager to do so. These questions are pertinent and significant, and there are various elements that affect the choices we make.  Each student must comprehend and evaluate these elements critically. This is due to the fact that […]

A Guide to Choosing the Best Places to Study Abroad — International Journal of Research (IJR)


English Literature and Grammar

Business letters fall in the category of Formal letters.

Business letters are formal letters used for official communication. They are written to or by commercial/ business enterprises for business correspondence. Therefore, they must be simple, brief, clear and formal in tone and content. . A business letter is a permanent written record and is an important document having importance in legal matters. As commercial correspondence is very important in today’s world, mastering the art of writing business letters will definitely get one an added advantage

There are basically three types of business letters – i) Enquiry ii) Order iii) Complaint

  1. Enquiry –
    • For a course
    • Regarding service
    • For a product
  2. Order
    • Placing order
    • Cancelling order
    • Reply to order letter
  3. Complaint-
    • For deficiency in services
    • For defective product


  1. Letter must be to the point and clear
  2. Use simple formal language
  3. Avoid abbreviations
  4. Write – Yours…

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Sky is the Limit—Only if You Stick to Your Dreams Long Enough

Motivation & Environment

The saying that “the sky is the limit” is only for those who are into their dreams or aspirations for the long haul—in the long run. Sky is the limit is not applicable to every circumstance or dream, especially if it’s surrounded by impatience and “short-termness”, instead of patience and “long-termness”.

As we aim for the stars in a world where impatience dominates patience—as is this case here on our old planet Earth—we often fail to consider or estimate long-term approaches which work well with “sky is the limit”.

Even when we consider “long-term approaches”, we usually focus on “short or shorter long-term approaches” and end up overestimating the desired changes that would/could occur in the next one, two, or few years. Don’t fall into the trap of wrongly overestimating what you think can be achieved in a short period of time, even when it isn’t feasible.


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10 Ways to Survive Your Day Job — A Writer’s Path

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that being a full-time writer, a fully-fledged author, is one of your dream scenarios. Working for yourself and doing what you love – it couldn’t get better. Unfortunately, most of us have a day job, and it may not be that great. My employment record hasn’t been awash with […]

10 Ways to Survive Your Day Job — A Writer’s Path

Developing The Dunkirk Spirit

It is not Enough to reach your goal.
You must be emotionally ready
To face obstacles thereafter.
In the thrilling game called life,
You must be physically fit
Mentally prepared to deal with
The storms which winnows
The strong from the weak
And gives wind under the wings
Of those who are prepared to fight.
While crushing those whose wings
Were not strong enough to withstand
The gales of an endless stormy night
Inevitably followed by a merry morn
That makes things more  alluring
Wondrous and pure than ever before.

So pursue your dreams with zest,
Keeping in mind the challenges
That you shall have to tide.
Make the walls inside your self
Strong enough to withstand
The hurricanes and cyclones in life
Be steadfast through ups and downs
And with stoic endurance emerge –
Victorious in the battle of life.


English Literature and Grammar

If it rains, I shall stay at home.
Bob Clark


Conditionals are sentences in which the main-clause as well as the subordinate-clause express conditions. In each of the clauses one event follows the other or depends upon the other.

Let us look at these sentences

If it rains, I shall stay at home. (1st Conditional)

I shall stay at home if it rains.

If it rained, I would stay at home. (2nd Conditional)

I would stay at home if it rained.

If it had rained, I would have stayed at home. (3rd Conditional)

I would have stayed at home if it hadrained.

We notice that in each of these sentences have two clauses – the main clause and the subordinate clause.

I will stay at home if it rains.

Main clause subordinate clause

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Teaching Digital and Media Literacy Skills in High School

The Unraveled Teacher

Media is around us all the time. We are constantly consuming media even when we don’t realize it. The digital age has brought an ever-present stream of media messages that are nearly impossible to escape. What does this mean for the high school English classroom? After a year of reflecting on this very question, I’ve decided to revamp how I structure my high school ELA classes. Instead of making short stories, novels, poetry, and plays the center focus of my units, I’ve started making media analysis the primary focus with those classic literature elements as supporting readings.

Students generally have a difficult time sorting through media and determining what is real or fake, or what is a paid ad. Take a look at this article from NPR, Students Have ‘Dismaying’ Inability To Tell Fake News From Real, Study Finds. Although the study mentioned is from 2016, it does a…

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Indian Heritage

Our country’s heritage has grown
For thousands of years.
Crafted through generations,
Into an exquisite tapestry
Of cultures across the world.

The ancient art of Ajanta Ellora,
Magnificent sculptures of Khajuraho,
Lingaraj , Kailashnath, Konark,
The brilliance of the Taj.
Stand witness to craftsmanship
Polished through millenniums.

Rich in texts, from Vedas to Gitanjali.
Dance forms of Odissi, Bharatnatyam
Kuchipudi, Kathak, Mohiniattam
Classical music, songs and folklore
Distilled refined tuned to perfection
Makes us swing to mellifluous tunes.

Languages, dresses and delicacies,
Of different cultures and traditions.
Create a motley of colours and gaity,
Enriching every soul that comes in touch.
This priceless heritage of ours,
We pledge to protect and preserve.

Photo by Sumita Tah
This wheel is a part of Konark temple crafted in the form of the chariot of Sun God driven by seven horses.
Each of these wheels tells a story as well the time to minutes as the rays of the sun fall on it.