Power Games

Photo by Pixabay

When a leader stays in power,

More than he ought to stay.

He undermines value of lives,

And uses power to play.

So, all leaders must be changed;

Once their term is over;

For several terms makes them feel,

That the game of power is forever.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What Motherland Wants

My heart swelled up with pride,
No limit my allegiance knew.
For motherland I’d give up my life,
Such patriotism are seen in few.

I expressed my love to her and said,
“O Mother! What can I  do for you?”
She gave a sigh like a harried mom,
And replied in words that were due.

“Undo all harm you’ve done,
And make me as good as new.
Bring back all my birds and animals,
Bring back my marvellous view;

If your love for me is true…”

Flittering Feelings

Photo by Elu012bna Aru0101ja

It’s time for glittering memories

To stand in an array

Inside the mind

For inspection,

Sending warmth

Through the veins

Lighting up our eyes

Bringing mysterious smiles.

The memories grey and dark

Which make our eyes

Swell up with tears

Must be swept


The dull aches

Our strongest fears

Must be interred forthwith

For time moves forwards forever.

Night and day together play

Calling one another

Running falling

In tandem,

Laughing crying

Is nothing but a part

Of this tournament called life.

Learning Through Tears..

Learn from your foremothers,
Learn from their tears.
To stand for your rights,
Through your doubts and fears.

The age old traditions,
Which suffocate women’s lives.
And snatch happiness ‘n’ freedom,
From mothers and the wives.

Those oppressions of women,
Should be stopped right  now.
All dregs woven into society
Must exit with a bow.

It’s time for exploiters to perceive;
That fooling some forever is fine.
Or fooling  all for sometime is possible,
But never all for all time.

May God empower good people,
Irrespective of what they be.
May God remove all injustice,
That degrade the society.  

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Valient Die but Once

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger

If you don’t stand for yourself,
No-one else will.
If you don’t speak for yourself,
Your voice will be stilled.

Life is one for everyone;
You’ll never live a moment twice.
Listen only to your heart,
Your heart’s call should suffice.

Traditions, customs, society;
Should stay outside your space.
Those dubious norms by others,
Shouldn’t tie you with their lace.

Don’t let them bind you up,
And pin you to the ground.
Don’t be a puppet in other’s hands,
Or in misery you’ll be drowned.

Don’t bow down to others threats,
But hold your head up high.
God will provide wind to your wings
And help you reach the sky.

The world worships only the brave,
And choke cowards to death.
It is our actions which decides,
Our destiny and our fate.

Kindle your minds with fortitude,
Don’t leave life to chance.
Don’t live life on other’s terms;
For we live life but once.

Friends, Philosophers and Guides

Friends stand by you,
Through thick and thin;
Giving you solace,
Nursing your mind,
Till it gets enough strength;
To heal and recover itself .

Books too are true friends,
The ones you can turn towards;
For comfort, entertainment,
knowledge and advice.
They will never fail,
To uplift your spirits,
When you get your blues.

Turn to a good book,
E-book or a paperback;
It does not matter,
Which one you choose.
What really matters,
Are the words that flow.
Be wise in your choice.

For it is rightly said-
A person is judged,
By the company he keeps.

Trying Times

Think not you are the one,
Chosen by God to be tested.
There are numerous like you,
Whose thoughts are just like yours.

 Challenges and opportunities,
 Waltz like couple in love;
 They always come together,
 To propel you forward in life.

 When a door closes at your back;
 Throwing out a bundle of memories,
 Pick the bundle and move ahead,
 Push open a door in front and walk.

Do not stop till you achieve,
What you had always dreamt of.
Dreams do come true if you try;
Try really hard, till you succeed.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens

Modern Malady

Photo by Mike Chai


The world is full of people,
Who are a crazy lot.
Sometimes I do feel,
 I’d rather be a bot.

They talk useless trash,
And love to praise their own.
They are rude, rash and rowdy,
And love to blame and groan.

They pull down others,
To reach the very top.
They’ll harm their own brothers,
At a hat’s drop.

The world is getting smaller,
Yet smaller are the hearts.
You cannot find a fella,
Who’ll  make your sorrow part.

We’re alone in a crowd,
Of a billion masked men.
The noise is high and loud,
And silent  is our pain.

We are getting crazier,
Finding solace in our bots.
But the vacuum is escalating,
As the social structure rots.


Peace and prosperity
A regular day  out
Is what we want in life
Other things are luxury

We realise the importance
Of everyday blessings
When it slips away
Like sands from our hands

The freedom to move around
In blissful bountiful nature
Without worries to wear you down
Is what the heart craves for

It doesn’t take the law
To imprison the masses
In their demure homes
For months at a stretch

Invisible voiceless viruses
Can change and ruin lives
Punish people without trials
For abstract faults of man.