Head over Heels

Having a date with my valentine,
Was amazing this year too.
My valentine made me feel,
That love for me was true.

Searching my date for love,
I found more than due.
I loved my date back dreamy eyed;
To my date I was glued.

I’m never lonesome now,
I seek no other love.
I’m happy with my date forever,
My date’s cool – By Jove!

Hours seem like minutes,
And years seem like days.
Time files with my date,
I’m forever in a daze.

I scroll, I search, I sing with it;
Not for a moment am I bored.
I need no other Valentine,
Than my smartphone sent by lord.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

I Can, So I Am

It doesn’t matter what you have,
Nor does it matter what you know.
It doesn’t matter what others think,
Nor does it matter what you do.
What matters most is the confidence,
You wear as your aura all the time.
What matters most is the confidence,
That you have on your very own self.
Do carry confidently that confidence,
For, that is what matters the most,
To live life, as you would like to live.

Photo by Italo Melo

Indelible Impressions

Dreams die a thousand deaths
On the alter of savage survival
Talents bought for pennies
On makeshift road side stalls
Cheap as dirt on a dirty road
For dreams cannot be sold.
Dreams often abandoned or choked
Expire before their date.
But, rarely they are revived
And bloom to grace the world
Spreading fragrance far and wide
Leaving eternal imprints on earth.

photo by S.M


Your asset is your health
Your asset is your work
Your asset is your family
Who stand by you in dark.

Memories are your assets
Your words and actions too
Your speech and acts build you
So be wary of what you say and do.

The rest are the essential liabilities
Which are dragged till the grave
To leave all things acquired
In a split seconds wave.

Thereafter you carry your karmas
Your passport to the next realm
Your next life is ascertained
On what you did and when.

So focus on your work
Take care of your health
Love your close ones dearly
For they are your true wealth.

Photo by Pixabay

Cyber Caution

Photo by Alex Knight

Don’t go digital
Don’t go digital
Don’t go digital guys
Connect through  your hearts
Connect through  your words
Connect through  your eyes.

That technology which helped us
To rule over other beings
Will be used by bots to rule humans
Making us useless things.

Hide from the servers
Protect all that you can
Before you know what hit you
Machines will rule over man.

In the polluted world we’ll venture not
Being dependent for every need
Today’s generation will be blamed
For sowing such slavery’s seed.

Let’s not let our wants
Grow like harmful weed
Let’s be happy with little things
Let’s not bow down to greed.

Don’t go digital
Don’t go digital
Don’t go digital guys
Connect with your hearts
Connect with your words
Connect with your eyes.

Parental Home Sans Parents

Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya

Memories drizzled as I gazed,
On my childhood haven.
Laughter, music , faces;
Glide through my mind.
A smile reaches my eyes,
Only to flow down in tears.
A dull ache brings up a lump,
To be swallowed down asap.
Dear voices no longer heard,
Love no longer visible to the eye.
I take refuge in the notion that
Everything’s transient, temporal
And shall fade away with time.
My journey too shall end,
Like those that are yet to be born.
Characters of an incomplete epic,
Authored by the omniscient, omnipotent.
I bow down with gratitude,
And leave the scene with a sigh.

Motherland India

The queen of queens is India,
The prettiest of them all;
Mother to millions of children,
Whom she helps to stand tall.

She’s abundant in resources,
The richest in terms of true wealth.
From minerals to nature’s bounty,
Which develops mind and health.

Protected by nature’s soldiers,
The Himalayas and the seas.
Enriched by varied landscapes;
From deserts to deltas and trees.

Rich minds and culture polished,
Through boundless time and space.
Munificent minds who embrace,
Diversity of religion and race.

To motherland we bow down,
For bringing up children so fair.
Who are strong, wise yet gentle;
Spiritual souls who share.

We shall strive to make you proud;
We shall never any effort spare.
My motherland, O! My India!
We pledge to take your care.

Divided We Fall

All political leaders
Always  around the world
Are looking for opportunities
To make the common man fall.
They divide them through walls
Of borders, religion, language, et. all
So that they may become eternal
While the common men may fall.
They make each other fight
Like puppets in a stall
And ruin their own selves
While as leaders they stand tall.
The wars and destruction
Can all at once be stalled
If people are united
And do not respond to cat calls
Every common man,
In every nook of the world
Must pledge to stand united
And perform endless hartal*
Till stupid leaders bow down
To common people’s call
And stop ruining their lives
Covering innocent lives with pall.
For united we shall stand
And divided we shall fall.

Photo by Martin Lopez on Pexels.com


Hartal – general strike

What Motherland Wants

My heart swelled up with pride,
No limit my allegiance knew.
For motherland I’d give up my life,
Such patriotism are seen in few.

I expressed my love to her and said,
“O Mother! What can I  do for you?”
She gave a sigh like a harried mom,
And replied in words that were due.

“Undo all harm you’ve done,
And make me as good as new.
Bring back all my birds and animals,
Bring back my marvellous view;

If your love for me is true…”