Factual description is the vivid description of a person, place, thing or an event in a systematic manner. The description must consist of facts and not theories or individual opinions. The main purpose of writing a factual description is to describe the topic’s features without giving our personal opinion. The aim is to provide a vibrant experience to the reader using descriptive language, primarily through the use of adjectives to appeal to the five senses of touch, sight, smell, sound and taste.

FORMAT of factual description


Content in one paragraph (100- 150 words)

Tips for writing a factual description

  1. Give a suitable heading
  2. Use appropriate tense
  3. Provide your ideas in a detailed and systematic manner
  4. Avoid giving your personal opinion
  5. Write in semi-formal language

Types of Factual description

  1. Place
  2. Person
  3. Events
  4. Situation

Tips for writing factual description of a – Place

While writing a factual description regarding a place, you must keep the following points in mind-

  1. Location – along with spatial aspects
  2. Features –  how it looks like
  3. Historical reference – when and why it was built
  4. Geographical facts
  5. Dimensions – shapes and size
  6. Facilities available
  7. Write in present tense

Words for describing a place:

Bustling, crowded, spacious,  famous, fantastic, pleasing, pleasant, enticing, fascinating, huge, popular, picturesque, breathtaking, interesting, spectacular, stunning,  superb, grand, glittering, magnificent, elegant, eye-catching, polluted, dirty,  delightful, structure, ancient, cosmopolitan, modern, historical, rambling,  contemporary, unique,  high-rise, palace, tower, towering, spacious mansion, cabin, bungalow, foundation, erection, construction, brick-built, brownstone, red-stone,  granite, marble, carpeted, alley,  shanty, estate, edifice, architectural, site, plot, walls, ceiling, terrace, lawn, yard, patio, orchard, garden,  greenhouse, back yard, field, court yard,  border, grave, cemetery, mortuary, tomb, location, space, zone, corner, terrain, mountainous, hilly, plateau, circular, triangular, square shaped, oval.

Sample questions – factual description of a place

Q1. Write a factual description of your school.

Q.2. Write a factual description of a multiplex in your locality.

Q. Write a factual description of a historical monument that you visited in the recent past.

    The Taj Mahal – A Dream in Stones

The Taj Mahal is the jewel of Mughal art in India. Standing on the banks of Yamuna, the Taj is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture and is renowned for its enchanting aesthetic beauty. It is located in Agra (U.P) and was built from 1631 to 1653 enclosing an area of 17 hectares. Emperor Shah Jahan built it in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The ivory white mausoleum with its exquisite pietra-dura inlays carvings on its base is a feast for eyes.  The country’s tourism highly depends on the Taj Mahal. About 6 million visitors visit the monument every year, especially during the dawn and at evening when the reflection of the splendid monument on the surrounding water-body creates a mesmerizing sight for its viewers.


 Tips for writing factual description of an – Event

  1. What was the event?
  2. When did the event occur?
  3. Where was the venue?
  4. What was the sequence of the programme?
  5. Information about the chief guests/ judges and participants
  6. Name of the organization or the people arranging the event
  7. Results of the event if it is a contest
  8. Write in past tense as the event has already taken place

Sample questions – factual description of an event.

Q. 1. Write a factual description on the Annual Day celebration in your School.

Q .2. Write a factual description on T-20 match held in your city.


Sample answer of factual description of an – Event

Q. Write a factual description on an English extempore held at your School.

                                                                    English Extempore

  The English extempore held at Delhi Public School, Asansol on 28th July, 2022 saw popular participation by students of standard IX – XII. It was held at the Multi-purpose hall at 11:00 am. Numerous participants queued backstage awaiting their turn. The extempore was organised in a methodical manner, where participants were called onstage and asked to choose a chit. Whichever topic they chose was to be their theme for the extempore. The topics mainly involved environmental and societal issues. Each participant got five minutes to prepare and then had to come back onstage to speak on the topic. The competition was tough as each candidate were quick in preparing and fine tuning their thoughts on their subjects and were able to deftly manoeuvre  any situation that cropped up onstage. The event was filled with excitement and was a memorable one for the students.

   Tips for writing factual description of aPerson

  1. Physical attributes – looks/ height/ weight/preference of clothing
  2. Relation to the writer if any
  3. Intellectual abilities and emotional qualities
  4. Personality – way of talking/ walking
  5. Other’s perception about him /her
  6. Any other special trait observed – citing incidents/examples
  7. Write in past tense only if the person is no longer alive

In factual description of a person, you must first give the details of the physical features. Then provide personality or character traits of the person. If inputs are provided, you need to expand the points in your own language and put in extra details if you want.

Words to describe physical qualities:

Height – tall, short, medium, average, moderate,

Facial features – round, thin, chubby, square, oval, diamond, pear, oblong, angular, bearded, unshaven,

Eye colour – green, black, blue, brown, hazel, amber, gray

Skin colour – wheatish, dark, fair, tan, olive

Built – gigantic, petite, tiny, lofty, stout, lean, stocky

Appearance and clothes- elegant, well- tailored, formal, neat, tidy, casual, informal, sloppy, untidy

Words to describe personality

Adventurous, humorous, considerate, kind, generous, trustworthy, enthusiastic, industrious, lazy, ambitious, diligent, thoughtful, courageous, brave, coward, affectionate, sincere, reliable,  compassionate, versatile, optimistic, shy,  charming, clever, loyal, attractive, polite, dominating , bossy, submissive, intelligent, brilliant, grumpy, beautiful, cheerful, gregarious, aggressive, cheerful.

Sample questions – factual description of a person.

Q1. Write the description of your ‘best friend’ using the following hints:

Name – address- family- personality- qualities- hobbies- behaviour towards others- how you feel about him.

Q2. Given below is some information about the guard of your school. Write a factual description about the guard of your school based on the given information.
5’5”- wheatish complexion – black hair-Gurkha- 40 yrs old- high school passed- married- 3 children- alert, caring- expert flute player.

Q3. Write the description of your grandmother within 150 words.

Sample Answer – factual description of People

Q. Write the factual description of Albert Einstein using the given hints.

Hints: Born: 14th March, 1879, Ulm, Germany – migrated to USA in1933 after Nazi takeover of Germany – won Noble prize for theory of relativity- warned Roosevelt about destructive power of atom bomb- deeply shaken after bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki- advocated for world government – true world citizen.

                                                      Einstein the Renowned Visionary

Einstein, one of the most famous scientists of the world was born in Ulm, Germany on 14th March, 1879. He is best known for his intellect and contributions in the field of science. He was awarded with the Noble prize for his research on the theory of relativity. Most people know him as he looked in his advanced age with his walrus moustache and frizzy hair. He migrated to USA in 1933 as he faced threat to his life as a Jew under the Nazi regime in Germany. While in U.S. he warned President Roosevelt about the terrible destructive power of the atom bomb. He was deeply shaken, when the U.S. bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki leaving a trail of destruction. He as a visionary advocated for World government and campaigned for world peace and democracy. He was well ahead of his time and a true world citizen.

Tips for writing factual description of a -Situation

  1. What happened?
  2. When did it happen?
  3. How was your experience
  4. Write the happenings in a chronological manner
  5. Write in past tense as it was an experience

Q. Yesterday it rained heavily and your area was waterlogged. Your school van could not reach your home and your parents were out of the house for some urgent work. Write a description of the incidents which took place in this situation.

                                                             Raining Troubles

It had rained incessantly yester night. Today, at 7:30 in the morning, my school van failed to show up in front of my house. It was drizzling steadily without any sign of stopping. All the roads were waterlogged and there was water, water everywhere as far as eyes could see. My parents were out of station and unreachable over phone. So, I was worried about missing school and with that my chances of getting the 100 % attendance award. I decided to brave it on my bike through the waterlogged roads, and succeeded in reaching school on time, albeit in soaking socks and trousers. Very few students were present and we enjoyed our close knit classes with our teachers. The sky had cleared by the time of dispersal and I reached home safely as the water had dried up and vehicles could move freely once more.

Q. Write a descriptive paragraph about your experience of reaching late for an examination.

                                                    Examination Experiences

It was 29th February, when I got up ten minutes late after a late night of studying for exams. I hurried out to catch my school bus. As I feared I had missed my school bus. I took an e-rickshaw and told the driver to go as fast as possible. The driver tried to speed when suddenly, a schoolboy trying to cross the road came in front of the vehicle. The e-rickshaw skidded as the driver pulled the brake hard. We were shocked but relived to see that the boy was unhurt. I told the driver to go slow as I felt shaken. I reached the exam hall late and narrated the incident to the invigilator. My exam went well, but I realised that ‘haste makes waste’ and that preparation for exam must include discipline along with studies.


Munni’s Lesson

Munni! yelled Giovan as he entered their house . He fumed with anger. “Munni!” He cried as he looked in both the rooms of their small house, but his sis was nowhere inside the house.

He found his mom in the balcony watering plants. “Have you seen Munni, mom?” he growled.
“Why? What’s the matter? Now what trouble did she get you into?” asked his mom irritably. 
She was totally fed up with the bickering of the twins. How tiresome it was being a mother of the twins! Complaints from every corner filled her days ,  ever since they learned to walk and talk.

“Well she had pawned my bicycle to Hitesh in exchange of six packets of chips, six snickers and six cans of milkshake” he said sarcastically, pulling at his own hair.
His mom looked astonished and stared at his head transfixed. Giovan waved his hand in front of her eyes. Mom came back from her state of shock and gave a big sigh ,”Go find her, and bring her back to me.”

” When I find her I will make her pay for her pranks, ” Giovan glared fiercely.

” Why on the earth would anyone trade a bicycle for some food? I fail to understand.  I really wish God gave her some wisdom along with her audacity, “said Mom.

“She does all these things just to annoy me. There’s no other reason at all. You must tell her to stop this at once, mom. She’s become too much of a troubled maker,” Giovan yelled.

” Calm down and speak politely,” mom scolded Giovan. 

“Now, how shall I get back my bike, mom?” he asked.

” I shall speak to Hitesh’s mom, and request her to send ìt back. She’s a good lady and would make Hitesh understand. Now you run around and find your sis. Make sure she comes back with you. Don’t utter a word about the bicycle till you are inside the house. ” she advised.

Stomping out of the house,  Giovan muttered, “Today that spoilt brat is going to learn a lesson for life.”

He found Asit and Chirag sitting on the grass in the community playground chatting. “Hi! Did any of you happen to see Munni this afternoon? “he enquired.

” Well, Well! By your looks it seems she has played a new trick on you.  You have a gem of a sis, bro!”  Chirag winked at Asit. The siblings were a source of entertainment in the community. 

” Yes! you would say so, being  the sole child of your parents.  If you had to deal with the agony of being with a sis like Munni, you wouldn’thave pulled my leg at all times, ” Giovan grumbled. 

“Ah! She’s a dear. A bit impish, but everyone’s favourite.  This you must agree. ” said Asit. His sis Ira was a bookworm and a bore.

“You have not answered my question yet,” Giovan reminded.

“Nope, no sign of Munni the menace today.” Asit replied.

” That girl will turn me into a lunatic someday.” said Giovan.

” Aren’t you already one?” Chirag smirked.

Scowling at him Giovan said, ” You are most welcome to be her brother,  I  am quitting from the post. You would behave likewise when you find that your bicycle has been bartered for some snacks.”

 Both Asit and Chirag howled with laughter and thumped the grass beside  them.

“Finding it funny?  Eh?” said Giovan, raising an eyebrow.  “Gotcha, find her before she finishes off all the chips and chocolates she got in exchange for my bike.”

“Will be glad to help you if you share some of it with us,” said Asit eagerly. 
“I’m trying to get those back so that I can return them and get my bicycle back.  Not to eat them, got it?” said Giovan exasperated.

“O okay!  calm down, bro, we’ll help you to find her just to see how sparks  fly when you two meet,” Chirag joked.

“No need,” glared Giovan marching off to find Munni. It was a matter to be settled between themselves, not for entertaining outsiders.  Though Munni was silly, Giovan was protective of her.

He searched for her in all the likely places. Rang the doorbells of her close friends to find out whether they were having some silly parties, to her nook in the park, but she couldn’t be found anywhere.

He was about to give in, when he spotted Aisha.  Aisha and Munni were in the same standard and was on her long list of friends. 

“Hi! Aisha,”  he called out.
Aisha turned around and gave him a bored Hi! as was the norm for her gen.

“Have you seen Munni, today?” asked Giovan. 
“I think I did,” she replied casually. 
 Arrrrgh! thought Giovan.  Munni and her lot was too much to tolerant.  But he desperately needed to get the information. So maintaining his facade of politeness he asked, “Really? How nice, can you tell me where she could be at this moment? “

“She went down to the migrant labourer’s camp where the new blocks are being built.  I  think she’s on some mission. She was quite in a hurry and barely gave a hello.”

” Labourer’s camp! Goodness!  Silly girl, she’ll get into some kind of trouble if she makes friends there. ” Giovan panicked as he ran towards the site.

The make-shift tents came into view as soon as he turned the corner of the blocks under construction.  There was quite a lot of work going on at the site. 

Giovan made his way towards the tents. A lot of children were playing around,  while some older women were busy cooking outside their tents.
Giovan looked around for Munni, worried that she might get into trouble someday because of her recklessness.  He couldn’t see her anywhere.  Finally, he decided to ask for her whereabouts and approached a wrinkled old woman with white hair and a kind face.
” Hello! Have you seen a girl about ten with ponytails come here this morning? “
“Ahh! Yes, you must be talking about Munni.  You are her brother, right?  You two look so similar,” she grinned she came in half an hour ago. I asked her name as she was new here.

“Yes, yes, she’s my sister.  Where’s she?” he  said as his annoyance turning into concern.
“There ,” said the woman;  pointing to a blue tent right at the end of the row of colourful tents.
“Thanks!”Giovan rushed towards the tent, slowing down as he approached it.
Children’s laughter flowed from the tent among which one was of Munni’s. Giovan heaved a sigh of relief. 
He peeked inside to see Munni sitting cross-legged on a worn out rug along with three other small children of about three to six year old. 
“Yes, I  want to be a doctor, ” the six year old girl said to Munni, munching  chips from her packet of lays.
“I just want to be rich,” said the five year old boy beside her. Sipping his Amul cool.
“And what does Imli want to be?” asked Munni to the three year old stroking his head.
” Mummm mumm,” replied the youngest chewing his snickers. More interested in the chocolate than in the future.
They all laughed out aloud. Giovan cleared his throat, “Munni! ” he called. 
 Munni was startled , ” Oh! Giovan,” she said meekly.  “How did you find me?”
” You have crossed all limits , Munni” Giovan glared at her.
“Where’smy bicycle?  And why have you come here? This is not a safe place for you.  You could have been kidnapped. Don’t you have the slightest sense?” he rebuked.
Munni held her head down.  “I’ll get your bicycle tomorrow.  I am sorry, but I lent it to Hitesh for sometime till I pay back his money.”
“Why would you do so with my bicycle?  Why  didn’t you exchange some of your stuff for those miserable packets of  food?” Giovan countered her.

“Well it so happened that these little kids were roaming around our block crying.  You see, their mom and dad work in the construction site and their father has had an accident and a fracture.  All their savings have been spent on his treatment and as their mother is busy at the hospital; so they have nothing to eat.  The neighbours are helping them sometimes but they too are too poor and busy to  be able to look after them.”
“So you bartered my bicycle for a few packets of chips?  And that’s Ok? My bicycle is worth three packs of chips and a few snacks?” fumed Giovan. 

” Oh! no. I just lent it to him for a day or two, till I pay him back. It so happened; that I was enjoying your bike in your absence when I met these hungry kids. Right at that moment Hitesh was passing by with those food stuff that he bought for himself.  So, I offered him the bike for sometime in exchange for the snacks. You see these kids are so small and hungry. My heart went out for them. I thought it would be better to take them to their home to keep them safe. Don’t worry I’ll get back your bicycle by evening. ” she grinned.

“Is this your brother? ” asked the six year old.
” Yes, Shallu,  and I have to go back home now, ” said Munni getting up.
“Don’t roam around for food,” She said sternly, ” I and my friends will get you some from our homes till your mother can look after you.”
Giovan felt proud of his little sis. Although a prankster,  she had a heart of gold. He started to think what else he could do to help the kids as they waved goodbye.

He had forgotten all about teaching her a lesson for life.

Death of Dreams

Photo by Pixabay

Andriy looked at the numerous toys on display. He loved the sleek aeroplane with stickers of people sitting inside.  He too had boarded a similar plane with his mom, a month ago, to visit his aunt who lived in Stockholm.  His cousins were delighted to have him and they had a nice time together.

However,  his mom had become too silent and just the opposite of her usual jovial nature. Now-a-days, she worried too much. Whenever, Andriy asked her about going back home to dad. She simply hugged him tight and wept. Alex did not want his mom upset, so his hugged her back and kept quite. 

The toys on display made him homesick,  he had every kind of toy in his collection at home. He missed his home, his favourite corner, his very own comfy bed, dad’s warm comfort. Everything!
His mom, who owned a salon back home, had changed suddenly after they came to visit his aunt. Earlier, she was extremely busy with her salon and hardly had time to rest. But whenever they went to the shopping  malls, she would always buy him a toy when they went shopping. But now in Stockholm, all they did was window shop when they visited the malls if at all they went shopping. At other times his mom sat listlessly, by the window staring out at nothing in particular.

 All these changes  were too complex for him to understand as a six year old. 
Last week, mom got him enrolled at the school where his cousins went. She said it was temporary. His cousins welcomed him to their school, but Andriy desperately wanted to go back to his own school where his buddies were.
 His very best friend was Dymtrus. He was also his next door neighbour and they were inseparable.  Oh! how badly he missed him. They both wanted to study space when they grew up. Find new life in other planets.
Andriy  wondered what Dymtrus would be doing at school without him . Little did he know that his friend lay cold under the freezing soil in the makeshift grave at their backyard along with his parents. His dreams along with his parents, and that of numerous others had been slaughtered at the alter of a single man’s dreams.

Words of Wisdom

Photo by Pixabay
Worry not for tomorrow,
Just do what you must do.
For God is in heaven,
Taking care of you.
The earlier you get up,
The better your day will be.
For an early morning gives you,
Several hours for free.
God created man,
Before man created God.
So say not to simple souls
Mine is better than yours.
If you lose in life’s toss,
Do not cry in vain.
All you need to do is,
Toss the coin again.
When you are feeling down,
Just tarry for a while.
For time is right now busy,
Working to make you smile.
You love with all your heart,
And hate with your mind.
For hearts cannot hate,
For a heart is always kind.
When life gives you a choice,
Make the correct one .
Having a choice is better ,
Than making do with none.
Religion and liberation,
Shall never ever agree.
Religion binds through fear,
Liberation sets us free.
Sleep is nectar,
Sleep is cure,
Sleep is heaven,
When sleep is pure.
Life is the biggest boon,
If you make it one.
If you take your days as blessings,
All your battles are won.

by Sumita Tah

Photo by Scott Webb

Fanny’s Funny Dream

Little Fanny the fawn dreamt a dream that was too difficult for her to handel.  Now, you would ask me how could one handle a dream? Aha! I  quite agree that there isn’t anything about a dream that we can manage, so there is no question of handling or moulding it according to our wishes. 
But… if it is a day-dreammm…? Well, as we all know – day dreams are of our own making and we can manipulate it according to our wishes, isn’t  it?
So,  it happened… this young fawn was a li’ll day dreamer who dreamt of doing great things.

One fine morning, when the warm sunlight caressed the dew bathed grasses, sprinkled with white and yellow tiny flowers – just off the mysterious dense jungle.  This dreamy young fawn grazed lazily in the meadow with her herd.
 In her wild dream she saw herself as the strongest animal in the jungle chasing a group of lions. As the lions ran helter-skelter to save their lives,  she just managed to grab the biggest lion with her fierce teeth. 
The lion almost fainted with fear and lay motionless in her grasp. She felt victorious and on top of the world. 
But here came the difficult part. She couldn’t fathom what to do next with her prey.
The taste of fresh salty blood was repulsive and she would never ever eat a lion. Yuck! No, not even in her dream. So, off she went to her mom to ask what she should do with her prey.
Ah! yes,  of course she dragged her prey along with her as it was nothing more than a wisp of thought. 

When her mom heard about her dilemma. She laughed out loud – though she felt proud of her ambitious daughter. It was indeed difficult being a mom, for moms need to have answers for every problem on the planet.
So, she said that it would be wise of her to threaten the lions and banish them forever from the jungle. That way she wouldn’t need to hunt lions anymore in her dreams, and her problem would be solved. 
Young Fanny let off her prey – only after he promised that not a single lion would ever venture in her part of the jungle. 
Fanny the fawn was happy to have finished her day dreaming and went off to play with her friends.
Veeery cautiously… for in the jungle, there are always lions on the prowl.

Moral of the story – Day dreaming does not solve real life problems. 😄

Time Management

This is a repost which will help us to make better use of our Time.

Time management is crucial for success , especially so for the present day students aspiring to get into premier institutions .

Time and tide waits for none.

Time is same for everyone , everywhere and in any phase of history. It is known to everyone that time once lost is lost forever. It is the most valuable thing that God has given for free. Achievers have achieved their success because they have been able to make optimum use of this vital free resource. The correct use of time creates miracles in ones life.

Techniques for time management :

  • Wake up early.
  • Plan your daily routine.
  • Set small achievable goals.
  • Stick to target and complete it.
  • Keep time for exercise and relaxation.
  • Compete with yourself.
  • Do not procrastinate.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Take a break after every 30 mins.
  • Sleep well .
  • Do not let work pile up.
  • Meditate to stay focused.
  • Do not get stressed.
Plan and keep reminders.

Time management becomes easier when bigger overwhelming tasks, which tend to be procrastinated, are broken down into achievable goals. These goals need to be planned out and completed in time. For every goal reached you may reward yourself.

Reminders help in reducing undue stress , and help in achieving goals effectively . Delegating work also helps in getting more free time, which can be effectively used for purposeful work. Getting sufficient sleep helps in memory retention and boosts work efficiency.

Use these time management techniques and achieve goals with grit and determination. For its rightly said ,

“Winners give results, losers give excuses.”

Importance of Leisure

‘What is this life if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.’

– W.H. Davies

Having free time simply for relaxation has become a luxury today that few can avail. What is most contradictory is that people who earn the most cannot afford leisure. Yet, it is one of the most coveted things of our lives. We all believe that as soon as we achieve our goals, we shall enjoy our lives and have all the relaxation that we had missed out in life. It is simply wistful thinking, and as absurd as thinking of fasting now and eating everything later at one go.

Life is now, and we must live it at present by delicately balancing our work and leisure. Our minds need relaxation as much as our bodies need rest. A relaxed mind has the ability to think clearly in a more organised manner and take correct decisions.

Leisure time maybe used for simply lazing around or pursuing activities which one is fond of. Playing games, having chit-chats with likeminded people, indulging in hobbies, reading a good book, listening to music or watching movies are some of the ways in which people may spend their leisure time.

The benefits of leisure are numerous. It keeps the mind stress-free which is a must for maintaining overall good health. People who indulge in games, sports or physical leisure activities have lower stress levels, lower body fat accumulation, lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Leisure activities help us to enhance our mood and avoid depression, thereby taking care of our mental health. Having free time gives us a sense of freedom which in turn makes us feel that our lives are under our control. The chain reaction that follows improves the quality of our lives which is the desired outcome of all our endeavours.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Most of us would argue that today’s lifestyle does not leave us with free time for indulging in leisure activities. Time is flexible and is the same for everyone. It is how we set our priorities which decides what to include and what to exclude. We often tend to exclude those activities which do not show immediate gains. However, in the long run we come to realise that things we tend to neglect are sometimes the most important ones in our lives. Spending time for leisure is definitely among these. Apart from solitary leisure activities we can also spend leisure time with our family and friends – creating beautiful everlasting memories and strengthening our relationships.   

Leisure costs nothing, and provides multiple gains. As we all know the most important and the best things in life are free. Therefore, we must find time for leisure at least thrice a week to unwind and free ourselves from the vicious cycle of stress and strain of modern life. Making leisure your best pal will definitely lead to a happier and healthier you.

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

The Curse of Crackers

Are you burning crackers or your future? Photo by Suvan Chowdhury


Festive time is here again. There’s a feeling of joy in the air and we must let it be there. Celebrations through bursting of crackers must be totally banned. It is totally against common reasoning to pollute the festive air with poisonous  gases.

Is it really celebration or mindless mass pollution drive? Is it any different from substance abuse? Well there is a big difference indeed.  While substance abuse gives momentary pleasure and harms the user. Bursting of crackers gives momentary pleasure to the person bursting it while harming a huge number of people in its aftermath.

The air after Diwali is not worth breathing in. Diwali is the festival of lights.  The celebration of victory of good over evil.  A celebration to remove darkness from our souls and illuminate our lives with true knowledge. When we turn the very air that sustains us with poisonous fumes the very purpose of Deepawali is lost.

We cannot survive without air for more than three minutes or so. Therefore it is foolhardy to burst crackers for celebrating all that is good on earth. The celebration through bursting of crackers is enough to turn the life-sustaining fresh air into foul life- threatening one.

In the year 2020, many states in India had banned bursting of crackers during Diwali. This step was welcomed by most citizens across those states. Except for some isolated cases, where some people out of habit flouted rules and were later fined, most people adhered to rules and abstained from bursting crackers. The states in which crackers were not banned showed spurt in air pollution which turned severe on the eve of Diwali.

The air became thick with incessant bursting of crackers. Children suffered from nausea and for the elderly and patients suffering from Covid, lung or heart related diseases, Diwali became a nightmare.  For most others the air created a burning sensation in the throat as the poisonous fumes were inhaled. 

Society has progressed past the need of celebrations that may cause harm to others. While humans momentarily enjoy the view of sparkling fireworks, the animal world suffers silently in spite of no fault of their own.

Therefore, everybody must come together to create an awareness regarding total ban of crackers in all celebrations across the world. Laser shows may be arranged for the public by various organizations to spread cheer during festivities.  Let us all come together and help the world heal the ravages caused by the human civilization.

RACER Strategy for Writing Paragraphs


RACER  strategy helps in writing the perfect paragraph for your response. This strategy is used when a text is followed with an open ended question.

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

This  strategy helps you to write your response correctly using  5 steps-

  1. R – Reword the question
  2. A – Answer the question completely
  3. C – Cite evidences
  4. E – Explain the text evidence
  5. R – Rewind, reword your answer and sum it up.

Advantages of using RACER

This strategy gives you a layout to form your answer in a specific order. It gives clarity to your writing and helps people to understand your written answer clearly. In order to have a great response you need to do more than simply answer the question. RACER helps us in doing so.

Lets follow the strategy one by one

  1. R – Restating or rewording the question. 

In this step all you need to do is reword the question and turn it into a statement. This will form the introductory part of your answer. You need to paraphrase the question using synonyms or different phrases or clauses

2. A– Answering the question in an appropriate manner.

  • In order to do so you need to understand the question what is being asked. The answer must deal with the specific question, refraining from digression.

Sometimes a question has two or more parts. You must answer each part separately.

3. C– Citing evidences which strengthen your answer.

The evidences will portray how well you have understood the question and whether you can make inferences. You must use quotes(“ ”) if you are using someone else’s exact words.

        Be sure to choose the evidence that best supports your answer.

While citing evidences, it is necessary to cite the source of the example. You may use words like-

The author in … says that…

The text states …

In paragraph 4  we find…

4. E – Explaining the evidence.  You need to explain the evidence and elaborate what the answer means. You must provide reasons to emphasize that your answer is correct. In other words you must elaborately explain your answer.

You may use words like

This evidence proves my answer as…

This evidence shows…

This evidence means…

This evidence is important because…

This evidence supports my answer…

5. R– Revise and recap by restating your topic sentence through a summary statement.

That is, you rewrite what you have said in the introductory statement but in a different way to make your point clear.


The Sun Goes Down on Summer

 I come to the water one last time as the sun goes down on summer.

 It’s going; I can feel it slip away, and it leaves a cold, empty spot.

 A hole in my warm memories of endless golden days

 and dreams as ripe as watermelons.

 I’d give the world to make the summer stay.

 The water is calm around me.

 It’s a warm, silent sea of thought dyed in the rich blues of night and


 Why can’t things just stay the way they are?

 Instead, the days rush headlong into change

 and I feel like nothing’s ever going to be the same.

 Soon school will start again.  And all the things I thought I’d left behind

       will come back, and it won’t be gentle water I’ll be swimming in—

 It’ll be noise and people and schedules and passes and teachers telling

        everyone what to do.

 One more year of homework, tests and grades.  Of daily popularity

        contests and pressure-cooker competition and heaps of frustration.

 The first day is the worst.  Not knowing who your friends are, or

 what’s changed since last year.  Trying to pick it up where you left off.

 I’ll look real hard for a last-year’s friend to get me from one

 scrambled class to another, through halls crawling with people.

 I wonder if I’ll fit in.

 Football practice started last week.  It started without me.

 I had to make a choice and football lost.

 Two years on the team and it struck me—who am I doing this for?

 It’s just another thing people expect you to do, so you do it.

 School is full of those kinds of things—things that sap your freedom,

 and keep you from being yourself.

 That’s what I want most, to be myself.  But that’s hard.

 Here’s what I dread most: when summer goes, I go with it.

 I go back to school and I change as soon as I walk through those doors.

 I have to be someone everyone will like—that’s a law of survival.

 What would happen if I just stayed the real me?

 would they turn me off?  Label me “weird”?

 Would I ever get another date?

 It seems like so much to risk.

 But growing is a risk.  Change is a risk.

 And who knows.  I might discover something of myself  in the coming


 I might get closer to the person I am—what a discover that would be!

 When the doors open on Monday morning, I’ll have a fresh start,

 a fresh opportunity to find myself.

 I want to be ready.

 Steve Lawhead

What feelings does the narrator express in the first stanza of the poem?

The narrator portrays his dismal feelings regarding the end of summer in the first stanza of the poem ‘The Sun Goes Down on Summer’ . He is conscious of the fact that the happy days of summer are slipping away and feels  desolate, melancholic and oppressed at the very thought of it. His feelings come out in the saying, “It’s going; I can feel it slip away, and it leaves a cold, empty spot. A hole in my warm memories of endless golden days” He feels sad that his golden days are about to conclude, leaving a cold empty spot in his life. He is upset that his cherished golden days of summer are about to end and he needs to get back to school.  The first stanza brings out Steve Lawhead’s depressed and forlorn feelings as the sweet days of summer are about to end.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Now try it yourself and write a paragraph using the RACER strategy bringing out one of the deeper messages in the poem.

Pressure and Performance

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Underground water is easily pumped out due to the pressure underground. When a drilling machine drills for water, it comes out with great force, throwing the water high up; creating a wonder among the onlookers. Gradually, the pressure becomes less and the water gurgles out for sometime before stopping altogether.

Pressure and performance go hand in hand.

Sumita Tah

Humans too work best under pressure. It’s the pressure at the offices, institutions, family and in the friend circles that helps us to give the best in our work. The competitive atmosphere helps in motivating us and improving our performance. Under the pressure to perform, we often give out our best, but as the pressure decreases we gurgle and placidly give our output.

Pressure squeezes effort out of winners and excuses out of losers.     

Orrin Woodward

The Covid situation has brought about the reality of our efforts in absence of pressure. During Covid moms have been forced to improve their culinary skills in the absence of eating out, and even those who are living alone are at times forced to cook up delicacies under the pressure of their tongues. This these are actions somewhat due to intrinsic pressure, which do not tell the entire story.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The real lethargic nature of humans have come to fore in the singular area of dressing. Irrespective of status or creed, almost every person who works from home, can hardly get themselves to dress up more than what is required for the web-cam. Millions of people across the globe can be seen meticulously dressed with shirts, ties, and dresses – but without changing their Bermudas, shorts or whatever they are wearing below.

Scores of students with neatly combed hair, shirts ties or whatever uniform is necessary, sit in-front-of their laptops or computers with colourful shorts or pyjamas beneath. After all, it saves the time required to change a dress; which can be better spent binging on Netflix, or chatting over the abject nature of things.

Though funny,  it isn’t something that one should to look down upon. It simply brings out the fact that we love being involved in our work and follow rules, but only where and when it is required. Therefore, Covid has taught us that pressure, after all, is not that bad; and contributes to the quality of our lives. However, pressure should be of a balanced kind and not too excessive which would definitely harm us.

Pressure has the power to create a diamond, but it has to be the “right” pressure.     

Shannon L. Alder

The ones who are under a tremendous amount of pressure now are doctors, health care workers, IT professionals and not to mention the teachers. They are performing under excessive pressure with the dividing line between home and work having melt into thin air. They are over-worked but not laid off, which is one of the worst kinds of pressure that one has to endure; other than, of course, being directly affected by the Covid virus.

For the present let us let us try to bloom in the shade of our houses as well as we can. Revel in our comfortable house-wears till the crisis passes. Let us put a little bit of pressure on our own selves and perform as best as we can evolving as superior, self-motivated beings as the outcome of the crisis. We had never dreamt at this time last year, about the radical change that was awaiting us. Let us taste, this unwelcome change in our lives, and add a different kind of experience with a different kind of pressure – to the multi-coloured pages of our lives.

Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity.     

Michael Johnson

Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels.com