Munni’s Lesson

Munni! yelled Giovan as he entered their house . He fumed with anger. “Munni!” He cried as he looked in both the rooms of their small house, but his sis was nowhere inside the house.

He found his mom in the balcony watering plants. “Have you seen Munni, mom?” he growled.
“Why? What’s the matter? Now what trouble did she get you into?” asked his mom irritably. 
She was totally fed up with the bickering of the twins. How tiresome it was being a mother of the twins! Complaints from every corner filled her days ,  ever since they learned to walk and talk.

“Well she had pawned my bicycle to Hitesh in exchange of six packets of chips, six snickers and six cans of milkshake” he said sarcastically, pulling at his own hair.
His mom looked astonished and stared at his head transfixed. Giovan waved his hand in front of her eyes. Mom came back from her state of shock and gave a big sigh ,”Go find her, and bring her back to me.”

” When I find her I will make her pay for her pranks, ” Giovan glared fiercely.

” Why on the earth would anyone trade a bicycle for some food? I fail to understand.  I really wish God gave her some wisdom along with her audacity, “said Mom.

“She does all these things just to annoy me. There’s no other reason at all. You must tell her to stop this at once, mom. She’s become too much of a troubled maker,” Giovan yelled.

” Calm down and speak politely,” mom scolded Giovan. 

“Now, how shall I get back my bike, mom?” he asked.

” I shall speak to Hitesh’s mom, and request her to send ìt back. She’s a good lady and would make Hitesh understand. Now you run around and find your sis. Make sure she comes back with you. Don’t utter a word about the bicycle till you are inside the house. ” she advised.

Stomping out of the house,  Giovan muttered, “Today that spoilt brat is going to learn a lesson for life.”

He found Asit and Chirag sitting on the grass in the community playground chatting. “Hi! Did any of you happen to see Munni this afternoon? “he enquired.

” Well, Well! By your looks it seems she has played a new trick on you.  You have a gem of a sis, bro!”  Chirag winked at Asit. The siblings were a source of entertainment in the community. 

” Yes! you would say so, being  the sole child of your parents.  If you had to deal with the agony of being with a sis like Munni, you wouldn’thave pulled my leg at all times, ” Giovan grumbled. 

“Ah! She’s a dear. A bit impish, but everyone’s favourite.  This you must agree. ” said Asit. His sis Ira was a bookworm and a bore.

“You have not answered my question yet,” Giovan reminded.

“Nope, no sign of Munni the menace today.” Asit replied.

” That girl will turn me into a lunatic someday.” said Giovan.

” Aren’t you already one?” Chirag smirked.

Scowling at him Giovan said, ” You are most welcome to be her brother,  I  am quitting from the post. You would behave likewise when you find that your bicycle has been bartered for some snacks.”

 Both Asit and Chirag howled with laughter and thumped the grass beside  them.

“Finding it funny?  Eh?” said Giovan, raising an eyebrow.  “Gotcha, find her before she finishes off all the chips and chocolates she got in exchange for my bike.”

“Will be glad to help you if you share some of it with us,” said Asit eagerly. 
“I’m trying to get those back so that I can return them and get my bicycle back.  Not to eat them, got it?” said Giovan exasperated.

“O okay!  calm down, bro, we’ll help you to find her just to see how sparks  fly when you two meet,” Chirag joked.

“No need,” glared Giovan marching off to find Munni. It was a matter to be settled between themselves, not for entertaining outsiders.  Though Munni was silly, Giovan was protective of her.

He searched for her in all the likely places. Rang the doorbells of her close friends to find out whether they were having some silly parties, to her nook in the park, but she couldn’t be found anywhere.

He was about to give in, when he spotted Aisha.  Aisha and Munni were in the same standard and was on her long list of friends. 

“Hi! Aisha,”  he called out.
Aisha turned around and gave him a bored Hi! as was the norm for her gen.

“Have you seen Munni, today?” asked Giovan. 
“I think I did,” she replied casually. 
 Arrrrgh! thought Giovan.  Munni and her lot was too much to tolerant.  But he desperately needed to get the information. So maintaining his facade of politeness he asked, “Really? How nice, can you tell me where she could be at this moment? “

“She went down to the migrant labourer’s camp where the new blocks are being built.  I  think she’s on some mission. She was quite in a hurry and barely gave a hello.”

” Labourer’s camp! Goodness!  Silly girl, she’ll get into some kind of trouble if she makes friends there. ” Giovan panicked as he ran towards the site.

The make-shift tents came into view as soon as he turned the corner of the blocks under construction.  There was quite a lot of work going on at the site. 

Giovan made his way towards the tents. A lot of children were playing around,  while some older women were busy cooking outside their tents.
Giovan looked around for Munni, worried that she might get into trouble someday because of her recklessness.  He couldn’t see her anywhere.  Finally, he decided to ask for her whereabouts and approached a wrinkled old woman with white hair and a kind face.
” Hello! Have you seen a girl about ten with ponytails come here this morning? “
“Ahh! Yes, you must be talking about Munni.  You are her brother, right?  You two look so similar,” she grinned she came in half an hour ago. I asked her name as she was new here.

“Yes, yes, she’s my sister.  Where’s she?” he  said as his annoyance turning into concern.
“There ,” said the woman;  pointing to a blue tent right at the end of the row of colourful tents.
“Thanks!”Giovan rushed towards the tent, slowing down as he approached it.
Children’s laughter flowed from the tent among which one was of Munni’s. Giovan heaved a sigh of relief. 
He peeked inside to see Munni sitting cross-legged on a worn out rug along with three other small children of about three to six year old. 
“Yes, I  want to be a doctor, ” the six year old girl said to Munni, munching  chips from her packet of lays.
“I just want to be rich,” said the five year old boy beside her. Sipping his Amul cool.
“And what does Imli want to be?” asked Munni to the three year old stroking his head.
” Mummm mumm,” replied the youngest chewing his snickers. More interested in the chocolate than in the future.
They all laughed out aloud. Giovan cleared his throat, “Munni! ” he called. 
 Munni was startled , ” Oh! Giovan,” she said meekly.  “How did you find me?”
” You have crossed all limits , Munni” Giovan glared at her.
“Where’smy bicycle?  And why have you come here? This is not a safe place for you.  You could have been kidnapped. Don’t you have the slightest sense?” he rebuked.
Munni held her head down.  “I’ll get your bicycle tomorrow.  I am sorry, but I lent it to Hitesh for sometime till I pay back his money.”
“Why would you do so with my bicycle?  Why  didn’t you exchange some of your stuff for those miserable packets of  food?” Giovan countered her.

“Well it so happened that these little kids were roaming around our block crying.  You see, their mom and dad work in the construction site and their father has had an accident and a fracture.  All their savings have been spent on his treatment and as their mother is busy at the hospital; so they have nothing to eat.  The neighbours are helping them sometimes but they too are too poor and busy to  be able to look after them.”
“So you bartered my bicycle for a few packets of chips?  And that’s Ok? My bicycle is worth three packs of chips and a few snacks?” fumed Giovan. 

” Oh! no. I just lent it to him for a day or two, till I pay him back. It so happened; that I was enjoying your bike in your absence when I met these hungry kids. Right at that moment Hitesh was passing by with those food stuff that he bought for himself.  So, I offered him the bike for sometime in exchange for the snacks. You see these kids are so small and hungry. My heart went out for them. I thought it would be better to take them to their home to keep them safe. Don’t worry I’ll get back your bicycle by evening. ” she grinned.

“Is this your brother? ” asked the six year old.
” Yes, Shallu,  and I have to go back home now, ” said Munni getting up.
“Don’t roam around for food,” She said sternly, ” I and my friends will get you some from our homes till your mother can look after you.”
Giovan felt proud of his little sis. Although a prankster,  she had a heart of gold. He started to think what else he could do to help the kids as they waved goodbye.

He had forgotten all about teaching her a lesson for life.

Divided We Fall

All political leaders
Always  around the world
Are looking for opportunities
To make the common man fall.
They divide them through walls
Of borders, religion, language, et. all
So that they may become eternal
While the common men may fall.
They make each other fight
Like puppets in a stall
And ruin their own selves
While as leaders they stand tall.
The wars and destruction
Can all at once be stalled
If people are united
And do not respond to cat calls
Every common man,
In every nook of the world
Must pledge to stand united
And perform endless hartal*
Till stupid leaders bow down
To common people’s call
And stop ruining their lives
Covering innocent lives with pall.
For united we shall stand
And divided we shall fall.

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Hartal – general strike

How to write a simple note. — jenny’s lark

For many years now you’ve heard me repeat the suggestion to pen handwritten notes. Handwritten notes are little treasures for the recipients, and the act of writing them is a particular and special kind of gratitude practice that may be trendy to talk about now but that has always, always been true. One of the […]

How to write a simple note. — jenny’s lark

Death of Dreams

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Andriy looked at the numerous toys on display. He loved the sleek aeroplane with stickers of people sitting inside.  He too had boarded a similar plane with his mom, a month ago, to visit his aunt who lived in Stockholm.  His cousins were delighted to have him and they had a nice time together.

However,  his mom had become too silent and just the opposite of her usual jovial nature. Now-a-days, she worried too much. Whenever, Andriy asked her about going back home to dad. She simply hugged him tight and wept. Alex did not want his mom upset, so his hugged her back and kept quite. 

The toys on display made him homesick,  he had every kind of toy in his collection at home. He missed his home, his favourite corner, his very own comfy bed, dad’s warm comfort. Everything!
His mom, who owned a salon back home, had changed suddenly after they came to visit his aunt. Earlier, she was extremely busy with her salon and hardly had time to rest. But whenever they went to the shopping  malls, she would always buy him a toy when they went shopping. But now in Stockholm, all they did was window shop when they visited the malls if at all they went shopping. At other times his mom sat listlessly, by the window staring out at nothing in particular.

 All these changes  were too complex for him to understand as a six year old. 
Last week, mom got him enrolled at the school where his cousins went. She said it was temporary. His cousins welcomed him to their school, but Andriy desperately wanted to go back to his own school where his buddies were.
 His very best friend was Dymtrus. He was also his next door neighbour and they were inseparable.  Oh! how badly he missed him. They both wanted to study space when they grew up. Find new life in other planets.
Andriy  wondered what Dymtrus would be doing at school without him . Little did he know that his friend lay cold under the freezing soil in the makeshift grave at their backyard along with his parents. His dreams along with his parents, and that of numerous others had been slaughtered at the alter of a single man’s dreams.

Pressure and Performance — English Literature and Grammar

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Underground water is easily pumped out due to the pressure underground. When a drilling machine drills for water, it comes out with great force, throwing the water high up; creating a wonder among the onlookers. Gradually, the pressure becomes less and the water gurgles out for sometime before stopping […]

Pressure and Performance — English Literature and Grammar

History Repeats Itself

This is a popular saying which we all have heard, but unfortunately we have always failed to learn from history. We are lucky to have all the relevant information from the past to fall back upon. Like the pandemics in the past centuries. The wars and the famines that have devastated mankind in the past. Yet, we seem to be deliberately shutting our eyes and committing the same mistakes which led to the catastrophes. It is time to understand that one or two people cannot be allowed to ruin lives of many. It is possible to overule such orders which our heart knows to be wrong. Standing up for the right has its rewards, just like being accomplice to the wrong has its long term punishments. It is time to gear up for protecting nature which is heating up beyond limits. Let us pledge to learn something from the past and make the future better for future generations.

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English Literature and Grammar

A card and an envelope.
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Three words ‘a’ ‘an’ and ‘the’ are called

Articles are of two types:

  1. Indefinite Articles
  2. Definite articles
  1. Indefinite Articles – ‘A’ and ‘An’ are weakened form of one and are
    called Indefinite Articles as they do not point out to any particular person or
  2. Definite article – ‘The’ is called the definite article because it points out some definite
    or particular person or thing.

Use of Indefinite articles ‘A
and ‘An’:

Use of indefinite article ‘A’;

  • Before a word beginning with a consonant sound:

A boy, a pen

  • Before a word beginning with the sound ‘yu’

university, a union, a unicorn, a usage, a
European, a unicorn

  • Before a word beginning with the sound ‘wu’

A one-pound
note, a one-eyed…

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War Ruins — yaskhan

war zone death’s heartbeat regardless of spring people cry each other into bomb shelters sun crashes on bloodied walls some screams live in the throat some never survive to live reading the newsI feel the fear between broadcasts no deadlines for destruction where leaders buy time with destruction bloodied peace offering the dead become the […]

War Ruins — yaskhan

Words of Wisdom

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Worry not for tomorrow,
Just do what you must do.
For God is in heaven,
Taking care of you.
The earlier you get up,
The better your day will be.
For an early morning gives you,
Several hours for free.
God created man,
Before man created God.
So say not to simple souls
Mine is better than yours.
If you lose in life’s toss,
Do not cry in vain.
All you need to do is,
Toss the coin again.
When you are feeling down,
Just tarry for a while.
For time is right now busy,
Working to make you smile.
You love with all your heart,
And hate with your mind.
For hearts cannot hate,
For a heart is always kind.
When life gives you a choice,
Make the correct one .
Having a choice is better ,
Than making do with none.
Religion and liberation,
Shall never ever agree.
Religion binds through fear,
Liberation sets us free.
Sleep is nectar,
Sleep is cure,
Sleep is heaven,
When sleep is pure.
Life is the biggest boon,
If you make it one.
If you take your days as blessings,
All your battles are won.

by Sumita Tah

Photo by Scott Webb