Doll’s House

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A home away from home;
We all hope to find.
When away from home we roam,
From those who are always kind.

We seek it in sights and sounds,
We look for the smallest signs.
Hoping to find a home,
Away from the love that binds.

As days turn to months;
And months turn to years,
We learn to expect nothing;
We learn to hide our tears.

We learn to walk alone;
We learn to stand on our own,
We learn to make a home,
When away from home we roam.

Self motivation – the key to success

God has a plan. Trust it, live it, enjoy it.

Nobody has ever been pushed up a mountain. You’ve got to climb it yourself.

There are times when things seem to go out of hand- and the goals that we had set with such enthusiasm don’t seem so bright or interesting anymore. It’s during such bleak periods that we need to boost up our self confidence and get back to the route towards success. It is only the self motivated that achieve success in life. Things like wealth, education, skills may be acquired with the help of others, but true success is achieved only by the self motivated and persistent worker. For being a go-getter one has to have the willpower to get going when the going gets tough.  When things do not go according to our wish and we feel a teeny-weeny bit worn out its time to get ourselves motivated.

10 motivational tips to achieve your goals

Patience is a key element of success.

Bill Gates
  1. Recall – Try to remember the reason for your starting the job at hand. Why is it that you are doing the work at hand? What are the benefits that you would enjoy if you do it beyond your own expectations, and what would you lose if you gave up?  It was easy to set up the goal, but then everything is easier said than done. It is when we find obstacles on our path, or the work turns out to be much more difficult to pursue, that we tend to get de-motivated. Never give up – achievers never do. Every step that you take towards the goal will take you towards your accomplishment, and while doing so– it will polish your skills to make you shine even brighter than ever.

Self motivation is the best motivation because no one knows you better than you do.

2. I can and I will– It is said that practice makes perfect. Do not feel dejected by failures. ‘Failures are the stepping stones towards success.’ If there were no failures, there would not have been successes either. They are two sides of the same coin. Edison tried 1000 times before he invented the light bulb. Most well known writers were turned down by publishers before they became famous. It took Webster 26 years to compile his Dictionary. Every achiever had to face failures before they became famous. Feel happy to be doing the work at hand and develop confidence in your abilities. I can is more powerful than IQ.’

Being positive in a negative situation is not naive… It’s Leadership!

 3. Surround yourself with like-minded achievers- Seeing other people doing similar kind of work acts as an energy booster. It is because of this factor that things get easily done in an office rather than at home. The rules, time-bound factors, as well as the atmosphere create a crescendo that helps in getting the work done faster. Talking, interacting and helping people involved in similar kind of work can help you to get motivated to do your work better.

Don’t compare your insides with the outsides of others. Affirm your worth.

4. Get affirmations– We all love it when our work gets acknowledged. As children we felt overjoyed to get positive feedback from our teachers and peers. Every praise that we received has boosted our confidence and created a liking for that activity. As a teacher I have always been more than generous in giving positive feedback to my students. I have seen the magic that those A’s, stars, smileys and remarks had on my students. So, in absence of external affirmation – pat your own back for every achievement that you have accomplished and pledge to improve upon that.

To succeed in life , you need three things – A wishbone, A back bone and a funnybone.

Reba Mcentire

5. Involve the fun factor – Look at the brighter side of your work and overlook the darker side. Add some humour and fun element to your work. The work has to be completed – so enjoying the work will help in making things lighter and easier.

‘We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.”

Swami Vivekananda

6. Visualise – Think of the time when you would have accomplished your goal. Most successful people meditate and think of their success. Sitting in a quiet place and thinking of your goals helps you to get a bigger picture of the work ahead and the obstructions that you are likely to face. Your mind automatically tries to find solutions and create environments that would propel you towards achieving your goal.

Mistakes teach you important lessons, Every time you make one, you are a step closer to your goal.

7 Read Motivational books: Biographies, autobiographies of famous people and self help books, reassure us that we are on the right track. They confirm that obstacles are, but a part and parcel of achievements. We realise that it is possible to do what we aspire and every problem comes with a solution.

Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable and remove yourself from the unacceptable.

8. Avoid negativity – Negative thoughts as well as people are to be avoided at all costs. The toxic people are parasites of positivity. They suck off positive elements from other people to thrive. Be surrounded with people who help you to bring out the best in you.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

9. Reward yourself – Rewards work wonders for self motivation. When you feel a bit down and fail to see the brightness and the numerous possibilities around you, think of what blessings you have in life and what you have achieved. Congratulate yourself on your achievements and set further milestones.  Give yourself a reward for each milestone that you reach. Celebrate each win. Be it a pizza or a movie or even a purchase that you really want. Promise yourself more rewards on reaching new milestones.  

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

10. You are a winner– Start each day with a smile. Spread positivity and it will surround you like a halo. Muhammad Ali used to do his boxing-chanting …‘I’m the Champion! I’m the Champion!’ With each chant he reassured himself that he was undefeatable. You must reassure yourself that you are a winner and the best is yet to come, and all your dreams will definitely come true.

Keep going. Whatever you need will come to you at the right time.

Friends Forever

What is life, without a friend to be silly with?
Photo by Trinity Kubassek

Lucky are those who have true friends. It is true, that as we become older, we lose the capacity to make true friends. It is in mid-childhood that a person makes friends easily. Say a six year old or an eleven year old would make friends more easily than those in their teens. However, it is in teenage that friendships flourish the most. A friend’s opinion, likes and dislikes count the most during the teens and stretch into early twenties – when personal opinions tend to develop steadily.

     As we age we start losing the capacity to make friends easily; primarily due to doubts that creep up with experiences, we tend to put up invisible barriers that did not exist in our childhood. We start to make acquaintances, rather than friends and are satisfied with such relationships. Our fast paced lives, leave little time for indulgences like friendship. Unfortunately it is only during adverse times that we miss having true friends and strong bonds with others.

The friends that we make in our childhood and college life, are the ones that we turn to – when life becomes slow paced, with increasing age and diminishing responsibilities. Once more those very happy moments of youth are sought after amongst friends who remain prized possessions of a lifetime.

Connections count.

One of the best groups of friends that I have experienced in my life, is that of my youngest uncle and his friends. They were a group of young men in their twenties in my earliest memories. Always hanging out together and helping each other and their families, on all occasions. Be it a wedding or a grief in a family, my uncle and his friends were always there to take care of everything. Gradually they got married, had their own occupations and grew in their own fields. Some of them reached the zenith of their careers and became immensely successful. Each of them seemed to be a part of the family. When one among the five expired due to heart attack in his forties, the others were left devastated. This wonderful friend circle is still going strong, and I am really lucky to have witnessed such a close knit group of friends.

周 康

Friendship adds value to life. In life we must learn to listen to our heart while making friends. It is said that ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’. It implies, that we must choose our friends wisely and be good human being and friend ourselves; to be able to have fine friends. Betrayal in friendship is extremely hurtful and crops due to envy. So it is extremely necessary to check envy when its fangs emerge for the first time. Nothing could have hurt Caesar more than the stabs of his dear friend Brutus.

A true friend is one that we enjoy being with and can count on in being with us through thick and thin. With a true friend we can be ourselves without a bother and express our imperfections and vulnerabilities without a second thought. We can enjoy the soothing silence of each other’s company and simply relax.  

Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and have her nonsense respected.

Charles Lamb

A lucky few still do have such friends, but most youngsters have a large following of friends, but none too close to be true ones. This is generating loneliness among the young generation. Social media is adding to this feeling of alienation, where everyone is busy giving time to people who don’t really count, and avoiding direct communication with the near and dear ones.

Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.      

Robert Brault

Being lonely in a crowd is becoming the norm in today’s society. Once more it is time for us to pave the way for finding true friends, to have the comforting security of friends for life.

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A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

An Earnest Plea

Trees also deserve 'Right to life.' It is their world too.
Nature is voiceless. Let us speak out for her.
Photo by Rachel Baskin

Hot summer I can bear,
I really enjoy the rain;
I shall endure cold winter,
When it arrives again.

I love it when the wind blows,
I like it when it’s still.
Everything I perceive around,
Fills me with infinite thrill.

It’s the smoke that chokes me,
The dust is too much to breathe.
It’s poison that I’m inhaling,
While exhaling O2 through leaves.

I writhe in pain as they chop me,
My hands, my arms, my throat…
They’re deaf to my painful pleadings;
As they’re deaf to sacrificial goats.

I wish humans were humane,
Wish, they were kind like trees.
Wish, they were loving and giving,
Wish, life would flow like breeze.

We trees don’t desire abundance,
We need just water and air.
Humans live for a few years;
Yet, ravage while they’re there.

For us the Earth would be Eden,
But for the human greed.
Stop it! We implore together.
High time you paid some heed.

I cannot cope with pollution,
I cannot tolerate this air.
Please stop destroying our world,
For us this life isn’t fair.

Hot summer I can bear,
I really love the rain.
I shall endure cold winter,
When it arrives again.

Paving the way for turning Heaven into Hell.
Photo by Stijn Dijkstra

10 Tips for Improving Your Academic Writing

Learning to write

As a graduate student and then as a practicing librarian, I’ve consumed my share of dry-as-the-Mohave-in-July academic literature. As an academic editor, I’ve helped authors make their prose clear and readable–or at least preferable to a slow death in the desert. From my experiences as a reader, writer, and editor of academic literature, I give you the following top 10 recommendations for improving your academic writing. Bonus: most of these techniques apply to business writing as well, so try them on your next email or annual report.

  1. Be clear. The purpose of writing is to communicate, not to obfuscate or show off. Big words don’t make you sound smart. They make you sound pretentious, and they make your writing harder to read. When you have a choice between an everyday word and an SAT word that means the same thing, go with the everyday word. I am not suggesting you…

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Punctuation Marks – the full stop.
Photo by Martin Péchy.


Punctuation marks are symbols, used to regulate written text, clarify their meaning by separating or linking words, phrases or clauses.

The great American inventor and typographer Benjamin Franklin wrote a peculiar epitaph.

Benjamin Franklin, the * of his profession, the type of honesty;  the ! of all; and although the (of death) has put a . to his existence, each) of his life has been without ?

Benjamin Franklin, the star of his profession, the type of honesty; the wonder of all and although parenthesis of death has put a stop to his existence, each curve of his life has been without question,


Every sentence must begin with a Capital letter.

We use a capital letter –

  1. To begin a sentence.- He likes cricket.
  2. For proper nouns/ adjectives – I like Ariana. / He met a Polish priest.
  3. After full stops and pronoun I – Are you fine? Yes, I am.
  4. To begin a fresh line in a poetry- ‘My heart leaps up when I behold/ A rainbow in the sky:
  5. To begin direct speech – He said, “You must come.”


Compare the two sentences:

  1. Mary says, “Sally is a fool.”
  2. Mary,” says Sally, “is a fool.”

From these two sentences it is clear that stops may alter the sense of a sentence. Punctuation means the correct use of such stops.

The principal stops are:

  1. Full stop/Period (U.S)                                                                            (.)
  2. Comma                                                                                                   (,)
  3. Semicolon                                                                                              (;)
  4. Colon                                                                                                       (:)
  5. Question mark/ Note of interrogation                                               (?)
  6. Exclamation mark/Note of exclamation                                           (!)
  7. Quotation mark/ Inverted commas       [ (“”)double]       [(‘’) single]
  8. Apostrophe                                                                                            (‘)
  9. Dash                                                                                                        (_)
  10. Hyphen                                                                                                  (-)
  11. Round bracket/ Curve/ Parenthesis                                                   (())
  12. Brace bracket/ curly bracket                                                              ({})
  13. Square bracket                                                                                      ([])
  14. Angular bracket                                                                                    (<>)
  15. Slash/ Oblique/ Slant/ Virgule                                                            (/)
  16. Back slash                                                                                               (\)
  17. Dots/ suspension Points                                                                      (…)
  18. Ditto marks                                                                                           (,,) (“)
  19. Asterisk/ star                                                                                         (*)
  20. Swang dash/ tilde                                                                                (~)



  1. At  the end of an assertive or an imperative sentence. It represents the longest pause.

Close the door.

It’s a cold day.

  • Usually after common contractions.

Advertisement- advt.   Received- Revd.  Manufacturing- mfg. Expiry date- Exp. Dt.

  • After common abbreviations.

a.m.   p.m.   B.A. M.Tech. M.L.A. e.g. i.e.

[Now-a-days compound names of organisations, designations, degrees are used without fullstop.]


  • To indicate decimal point.

$ 10.50, 20.8 secs, 70.5m

A full stop is not used

  1. After heading and titles of books  and articles


Arabian Nights

From Log cabin to White House

  • After a signature in a letter

Yours sincerely


  • After dates except at the end of sentence

25th May, 2020

Punctuation marks are the traffic signals of a language: they tell us to slow down, notice this, take a detour, or to stop.

Unity In Diversity

It’s a global village where-
United we stand, divided we fall.
Photo by fauxels

All humans are born equal. It is the human society that has divided mankind on the basis of colour, caste, creed, language, gender or religion. These discrimination are uncalled for and are totally unjust. Every discrimination, that exists in the world, has only been made in order to exploit a section of the society. It is wrong to discriminate a person on the basis of any existing norm in the society. With the advancement of mankind we must gain the wisdom to delve into the reason behind such discriminatory norms and overcome the tendency to discriminate.

Religion is man-made and so is the language and culture of a region. All human beings irrespective of their country of origin have been made equally by the creator. Their feelings, needs and thinking are all alike.

The colour of skin, hair and sometimes features- vary not due to a person’s own credit or discredit but because of the climatic conditions of a place. Therefore it is unwise to feel proud or dejected due to ones physical appearance or discriminate on its basis.

Religion is the outcome of mankind’s desire to live a higher spiritual life. In the ages, when education was scarce and life was difficult, religion provided guidance for the common man to live a life that would benefit the entire society. The fear of God restrained people from doing wrong things. It provided security for the society at large. A few men also wanted to create an everlasting imprint on mankind, and portrayed themselves as men chosen by God to preach on Earth. This is true for every religion on Earth. Surprisingly, religion – which is supposed to spread love and peace on Earth, has been the cause of much bloodshed and hatred throughout history.

It has been observed through history, that religion has been the favourite subject of conflict and discrimination among people. People love to fight for their religion- so much so, that in absence of a different religion, they would split up their own religion and put up a fight regarding the differences. It is high time that people learn to respect diversity and live united.

Discriminations regarding gender has continued for ages and is still going strong. In the under developed countries the status of women remain abysmally low due to absence of education and financial independence. However, in spite of equal opportunities; gender discrimination still exists in every sector in the developed countries. Unequal pay and division of labour is taking the toll on the physical and mental health of women. This is also paving a way for a society where isolation will be the norm.

Variety is indeed the spice of life. Humans are creators of different cultures, customs, beliefs, food, languages, dialects, art, dance, music, sculpture, architecture and a host of other things that add charm to our lives. Is it then not our duty to enjoy these colours of life? Whatever we have learnt and experienced since are childhood are indeed close to our heart and precious. We must then develop the understanding that other’s culture, religion and tradition is precious to them too; and it is our duty to respect them.

We as mankind have had a spectacular journey from being cavemen- to men living in space shuttles. This travel will be made even smoother and enjoyable if we learn to respect diversity and live in peace united. Unity in diversity is what gives life the colours of the rainbow.

Its time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.

Maya Angelou

Happy New Decade

Happy New Year! 🎉

It’s time to greet a brand new year,
With lots of dreams and hope.
A year that will bring us good things;
And a decade that’s easy to cope.

May God give us wisdom,
And make us good and kind.
So that we help each other;
When someone in trouble we find.

May the year be good for nature,
And for beings big and small.
Let trees, animals and birds;
Enjoy their own windfall.

May the year bring purity,
On land, water and air.
May each mind and heart;
Learn to be truly fair.

May God shower happiness,
On our good young Earth.
And may its denizens enjoy;
A decade of bliss and mirth.

Photo by Jill Wellington