Developing The Dunkirk Spirit

It is not Enough to reach your goal.
You must be emotionally ready
To face obstacles thereafter.
In the thrilling game called life,
You must be physically fit
Mentally prepared to deal with
The storms which winnows
The strong from the weak
And gives wind under the wings
Of those who are prepared to fight.
While crushing those whose wings
Were not strong enough to withstand
The gales of an endless stormy night
Inevitably followed by a merry morn
That makes things more  alluring
Wondrous and pure than ever before.

So pursue your dreams with zest,
Keeping in mind the challenges
That you shall have to tide.
Make the walls inside your self
Strong enough to withstand
The hurricanes and cyclones in life
Be steadfast through ups and downs
And with stoic endurance emerge –
Victorious in the battle of life.


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