Words of Wisdom

Photo by Pixabay
Worry not for tomorrow,
Just do what you must do.
For God is in heaven,
Taking care of you.
The earlier you get up,
The better your day will be.
For an early morning gives you,
Several hours for free.
God created man,
Before man created God.
So say not to simple souls
Mine is better than yours.
If you lose in life’s toss,
Do not cry in vain.
All you need to do is,
Toss the coin again.
When you are feeling down,
Just tarry for a while.
For time is right now busy,
Working to make you smile.
You love with all your heart,
And hate with your mind.
For hearts cannot hate,
For a heart is always kind.
When life gives you a choice,
Make the correct one .
Having a choice is better ,
Than making do with none.
Religion and liberation,
Shall never ever agree.
Religion binds through fear,
Liberation sets us free.
Sleep is nectar,
Sleep is cure,
Sleep is heaven,
When sleep is pure.
Life is the biggest boon,
If you make it one.
If you take your days as blessings,
All your battles are won.

by Sumita Tah

Photo by Scott Webb

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