Fanny’s Funny Dream

Little Fanny the fawn dreamt a dream that was too difficult for her to handel.  Now, you would ask me how could one handle a dream? Aha! I  quite agree that there isn’t anything about a dream that we can manage, so there is no question of handling or moulding it according to our wishes. 
But… if it is a day-dreammm…? Well, as we all know – day dreams are of our own making and we can manipulate it according to our wishes, isn’t  it?
So,  it happened… this young fawn was a li’ll day dreamer who dreamt of doing great things.

One fine morning, when the warm sunlight caressed the dew bathed grasses, sprinkled with white and yellow tiny flowers – just off the mysterious dense jungle.  This dreamy young fawn grazed lazily in the meadow with her herd.
 In her wild dream she saw herself as the strongest animal in the jungle chasing a group of lions. As the lions ran helter-skelter to save their lives,  she just managed to grab the biggest lion with her fierce teeth. 
The lion almost fainted with fear and lay motionless in her grasp. She felt victorious and on top of the world. 
But here came the difficult part. She couldn’t fathom what to do next with her prey.
The taste of fresh salty blood was repulsive and she would never ever eat a lion. Yuck! No, not even in her dream. So, off she went to her mom to ask what she should do with her prey.
Ah! yes,  of course she dragged her prey along with her as it was nothing more than a wisp of thought. 

When her mom heard about her dilemma. She laughed out loud – though she felt proud of her ambitious daughter. It was indeed difficult being a mom, for moms need to have answers for every problem on the planet.
So, she said that it would be wise of her to threaten the lions and banish them forever from the jungle. That way she wouldn’t need to hunt lions anymore in her dreams, and her problem would be solved. 
Young Fanny let off her prey – only after he promised that not a single lion would ever venture in her part of the jungle. 
Fanny the fawn was happy to have finished her day dreaming and went off to play with her friends.
Veeery cautiously… for in the jungle, there are always lions on the prowl.

Moral of the story – Day dreaming does not solve real life problems. 😄

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