Solomon’s Ring

Photo by TranStudios Photography


Hurrah! said the little girl.
‘Look what I have found,
Its the ring of Solomon,
I’ll keep it safe and sound.’

Her friends gathered around her,
Curious to the core;
The see the ring of Solomon,
From the days of yore.

It was but a thin ring,
A mere plate of gold.
The ones that at jewellers,
Everyday was sold.
‘How do you know, Polly;
That the ring belongs to him?’
‘Ah!’She answered with a smile
‘It’s written on the rim.’

Sure enough in calligraphy,
Etched inside the ring;
Solomon‘ could be clearly read;
Though the band was thin.

‘I found it in the woods,
Behind the school in which we go’
Beside the rundown cottage
That is used no more.’

‘It was stuck between two stones,
It was stuck nice and hard;
It took me two hours to get it,
Now my hands hurt really bad.’

She passed the ring around,
For all her friends to see;
Each wanted to try the ring,
Each said,’ Give it to me.’

Bashful Ben came forward,
And had a look at the jewel,
He wondered whether the truth;
For the kids, would be cruel.

‘Solomon’s ring was a seal,’he said
‘Made of brass and  iron,
It had the power to summon;
The geine and the demon.’

‘It gave the power to its owner,
To talk to animal and bird;
Two entwined triangles it had,
In a circle with a dot.

It was the seal of the royals,
For stamping order and deals.
It had the power to save a life;
Or to have a person killed.

Poor Polly was so dismayed,
To hear that the ring wasn’t his;
If it were really Solomon’s ring,
She would’ve been mighty pleased.

So, they took it to the police,
Who checked the lost and found;
Yes, Solomon the mason working there,
Had lost his on that ground.


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