To the ones who wish upon the Stars


To you, with love.

Dear admirer
I am certain you know me. You and I have been associates for longer than the length of time. And lately, we have been quite a good bunch of companions too.

Your company has been comforting, I must admit. I love the way you sing me to sleep; your voice, though teared up at alternative seconds shall always remain as one of the most melodious voices amidst the stellars. The fireballs embedded in my blanket love to dance at your beats.

Your secrets are well safeguarded, enclosed in pockets made up of stars and tucked in each galaxy which knows your name.
I have in place, the childhood dreams you threw here and there in my skies; they remember their owner still, whispering your name in my ears ever so often.

Your loved ones lie gaurded and sheltered in my lap. They love to…

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