Revival of The Righteous

Let us fight the evil in us,
Let us fight the evil outside;
The world we’ll leave behind,
Should be worthy of our pride.

Evil like weeds grow fast,
And spreads far and wide.
To stop the weed of evil,
The good must always contrive.

Good things take time unlike evil;
To grow, spread and thrive.
We are the hands of God,
And must keep goodness alive.

Evil has more strength than good,
But grows when we fail to strive.
To nip it in the bud while we can,
For it mushrooms if it’s kept alive.

It’s our world and our duty,
To fight evil and help goodness revive,
It’s the complacency of the good,
That helps the evil survive.

Let the days of misdeeds end,
Let the days of goodness arrive.
Let us fight the evil in us,
Let us fight the evil outside.


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