Modern Malady

Photo by Mike Chai


The world is full of people,
Who are a crazy lot.
Sometimes I do feel,
 I’d rather be a bot.

They talk useless trash,
And love to praise their own.
They are rude, rash and rowdy,
And love to blame and groan.

They pull down others,
To reach the very top.
They’ll harm their own brothers,
At a hat’s drop.

The world is getting smaller,
Yet smaller are the hearts.
You cannot find a fella,
Who’ll  make your sorrow part.

We’re alone in a crowd,
Of a billion masked men.
The noise is high and loud,
And silent  is our pain.

We are getting crazier,
Finding solace in our bots.
But the vacuum is escalating,
As the social structure rots.


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