Top Tips for writers to Overcome Doubt

Lorraine Ambers

Hello fellow creatives!

We’ve all experienced the depths of our doubt, and boy, it’s not fun. So where does it come from and how do we combat it? People can say the cruelest of things, and yet, when we say those things to ourselves, about our own writing, we allow it. We even back it up with reasons to prove it’s rubbish. Let’s be honest, sometimes we are our own harshest critique.

How would you feel if a stranger said your writing was crap? Seriously, how? Hurt? Angry? Crushed? It’s time we learnt to be kind to ourselves.

If only we were taught as children to see the best in ourselves. To see failure as progress. And to problem solve our doubts away. I think we’d take that nagging critical voice and lock it away. Or we’d shout back at that voice: How dare you speak to me…

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3 thoughts on “Top Tips for writers to Overcome Doubt

  1. A lot of people use different strategies to learn writing. Some people learn best by listening to audio recordings, others learn best by reading texts, and others learn best by watching videos. Some people even learn best by doing all three at the same time! Everyone is different, so it’s important to find a learning strategy that works for you.

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  2. As it was stated earlier being a writer can be a challenge. And you will be tested in every possible way throughout the writing process. So if you want to truly succeed as a writer, you will need to be courageous.

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