#2: English idioms & Proverbs


Learning is fun🤓

English idioms & their meanings

A woman’s work is never done: It means a woman works Longer hours than a man because housework and raising children are jobs that never end. So appreciate every woman in your life and if you’re a woman, be proud of yourself cause you’re special.

A fact of life: It refers to something unpleasant and which people accept because they cannot change it.

Charmed life: Means a person who’s lucky and is strangely unaffected by dangers and difficulties.

About as useful, as a chocolate pot: Completely useless.

Back to the salt mines: To return to the workplace.

Carrot and stick: An offer involving a reward countered by the threat of punishment.

Go bananas: To become very angry.

In a nutshell: In summary.

Be a barrel of laughs: Be enjoyable/entertaining.

Case in point: An example that illustrates a point.

Chalk something up to…

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