Paraphrasing Sentences for Writing Responses/Answers


It is important to paraphrase a sentence for writing tasks in IELTS exams as well as for other exams. It gives an impression of having good grasp over the language and hence paves the way for a better score in the exams.

Paraphrasing means rewriting something in your own words, while retaining the correct and absolute meaning of the sentence.

There are several ways of paraphrasing a sentence.

  1. Re-ordering the sequence of words.
  2. Replacing words with synonyms
  3. Replacing voice of the sentence
  4. Replacing the part of speech

Paraphrasing by-


Sentences can be paraphrased by changing the order of words.

One of the major causes of unemployment is mechanisation of industries.

Paraphrasing by changing word order-                                                                                                

Mechanisation of industries is one of the major causes of unemployment.

Here we have changed the sentence by changing the sequence of words by putting the words at the end of the sentence in the front. It is an easy way of paraphrasing but we must be careful that the sentence is grammatically and lexically correct.


In this method we replace the keywords with words having the same meaning to paraphrase the sentence.

One of the major causes of unemployment is mechanisation of industries.

Paraphrasing by using synonyms-

One of the main reasons of joblessness is automation of commercial enterprises.

In the above sentence the words ‘major’, causes’, unemployment’, mechanisation’ and ‘ industries’ have been replaced by the synonyms ‘main’,’reasons’, ‘joblessness’, ‘automation’ and ‘commercial enterprises’.


Sentences having objects can be changed into passive voice. Academic writers frequently use        passive voice and hence it can be used for paraphrasing academic responses.

A large number of people lost their jobs, as a result of the pandemic.

Paraphrasing by changing into passive voice-

As a result of the pandemic, jobs were lost by a large number of people.

Paraphrasing by changing into active voice-

Exquisite cuisine was enjoyed by the people attending the wedding.

The people attending the wedding enjoyed exquisite cuisine.


Sentences may be paraphrased by changing the form of words, like nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs may be replaced by another part of speech that would be suitable and appropriate. Care must be taken to ensure that the meaning of the sentence remains unchanged.

She has made her family proud.

Paraphrasing by changing the form of word-

 She is the pride of her family.   

In the first sentence proud is used as an adjective, whereas in the second sentence pride is used as an abstract noun.  The second sentence has retained the meaning of the first sentence while being paraphrased. 

Paraphrasing tips-

You may use any of these methods for paraphrasing your sentences, or may use a combination of methods that best suits your purpose. The most important thing is to maintain the correctness of the sentence along with grammatical accuracy. The most used methods are – paraphrasing using synonyms and changing the word order. However do not use a synonym unless you are 100% sure of its correctness. The same goes into using the other methods too. The trick is to go on practicing unless you master the art of paraphrasing.


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