Anguish Vanquished

Worry knocked my door
I didn’t recognise him
Being treated as a guest
He thought my heart an inn.

He ate away my time
He took away my sleep
He spoilt my peace of mind
His was cunning and was mean.

I began to think I’m helpless
I began to think I’m weak
I worried about the future
I worried about what has been.

Darkness circled my eyes
With all those sleepless nights
My heart catalysed to lead
And hope was frail and thin.

I nursed my hope with work
I fed her with labour and love
I cut down on my leisure
And watched worry become lean.

Hope and worry clashed
Hope had a hands down win
Worry left my mind
With all his kith and kin.

Happiness flew like breeze
And had a waltz with hope
Together they brought in success
Together they helped me win.

Photo by Jill Wellington

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