Tranquil Nights

Photo by Joonas

Moonlight beams through the pane,
Casting ethereal shadows,
Soothing my battered mind,
Reminiscent of days of yore.
When magical hands of mother,
Took away all misery and pain,
Transmitting boundless bliss.
Tranquil nights rejuvenate,
Dejected souls in quest of peace.


5 thoughts on “Tranquil Nights

  1. Such a peaceful scene that you set with your quill. It’s a picture that you painted so vivid .. very beautifully eloquent., a serene poignant touch to these endearing words. Simply the best verse I have read in a long time. ❤️👏🤗💕

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    1. Oh Yassy! Your comment has really made my day. Coming from you it has immense value for me. I was feeling a bit dejected lately, now I feel on top of the world. 😊
      Thanks Yassy and take care. 💕

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      1. You are so very very welcome, Sumi. Always here for you my dear poetess ..
        smile, you look beautiful when you smile. Your eyes light up like stars and illuminate our lives with wisdom and purity. You are a pure soul. I can feel the goodness permeating the space between us.

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