The Rise

Photo by luizclas

Failures are hard to digest
When you give your best
And yet you fail.
Your dreams dash
Break into smithereens,
Reflecting parts of you
That once was whole.

Yet you know,
You have to get back
And try once more;
To bring back those pieces,
To mount the peak,
And with sweat and blood
Achieve what you crave.

Dreams may break.
But the indomitable spirit
That is inherent in you;
Can never be shattered
And is, has been, will be…
The reason for achieving
Your heart’s fervid desires.

Photo by Tobias Bju00f8rkli


8 thoughts on “The Rise

  1. I hope they make all your poems into a poetry syllabus for students. It’s fantastic , the way you reach into the heart to fill it with hope and encouragement, that is what the young of today need. Your poetry should be every child’s mantra ..bravo my soul sister buddy bestie.. bless your dear heart.

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      1. My pleasure always ❤️. The universe brought us together.. I thank God for that. You say the nicest things. I feel so happy.
        Take care of yourself. Have a safe week. Goodbye till our next post.

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