Prevention is Better Than Cure

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A clever person solve problems, a wise person avoids it.‘ – Albert Einstein. Why ask for unnecessary trouble, when one can do without it? People often tend to be callous about their own safety and that of their near and dear ones. They wantonly put themselves in danger, when a little bit of alertness can prevent them from landing into tiresome troubled times.
We have all heard of the proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’. The application of this proverb by Desiderius Erasmus has gained greater significance in our lives during the Covid – 19 pandemic.

Everyone unanimously agrees that we must prevent ourselves and our near and dear ones from being affected by the virus. Simple measures like wearing a mask, sanitizing or washing hands, disinfecting public places and maintaining social distancing can prevent the virus from spreading among the masses.
The preventive measures taken by each person counts as every infection has a ripple effect. If a single person breaks the chain he or she saves thousands of people from getting infected through domino effect.

Countries which followed the norms of preventing the virus from spreading; were able to prevent unnecessary loss of lives. The countries which did not follow the preventive measures meticulously; have faced huge losses in terms of lives, health and economy.
It is therefore important for us to remember to take preventive measures more than ever before. Even in our day to day lives other than taking preventive measures against getting sick and becoming unhealthy, we must apply this norm in each step of our day to day life. Be it our health, education, finances, assets, or even our digital devices, everything needs preventive measures so that they are not adversely affected.

Correct, adequate and timely preventive measures in every step of our lives eliminates unnecessary hassles and makes the journey of our lives smooth and comfortable. It only takes a bit of alertness and futuristic vision to avoid all kinds of ailments in life and live a happy life.

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Stay safe, stay healthy. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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