The Caterpillar



My life was crawling at a pace,
That would make a snail feel proud.
My heart was heavy like the lead;
I felt like crying out loud.

As I sat down on the grass,
Beneath my good old tree.
I chanced to see a caterpillar,
Creeping up the tree merrily .

I shuddered at its spiky back,
With its black and yellow print.
Which strangely glared at me at times,
While at times it seemed to wink.

Slowly and surely, step by step;
It inched up a fresh green leaf.
Then it curled up contentedly,
And happily went off to sleep.

I grumbled about my state of life,
Its fall and climb on gorge and cliff.
I mused at other’s hallowed lives;
And turned somewhat green and stiff.

Then one fine eve I saw the leaf,
With the cocoon safe inside it.
When suddenly it seemed to move,
And a butterfly peeped out a bit.

I watched in awe as it pushed;
To come out of its comfort zone.
 With each struggle its strength increased.
And soon it had its battle won.

Lo and behold! The wondrous one,
First fluttered low then went up high.
My spirit lifted as a radiant dawn,
Peeped in my heart as I watched it  fly.

Photo by David Bartus on

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