Beneath A Grayer Sky

penned by Raatri


If I could, I’d wish to realize
A storm kinder than human eyes
Stealing away my achromatic self
While the crowd remains none the wise.

Allow only the rushing wind to speak,
Let its whispers to howling peak.
And only the graying skies may weep,
Taking away my mind to keep.

If I wished to surrender still,
Dragged through glass to death uphill,
I’d wish for a breezy caress last
Mourned by heavens overcast.

Oh, how I’d wish for a storm
Bringing raging, pounding rain
To wash this world, painted wrong,
Of overlapping neons desperate and vain.

I’d kneel and pray for a thundercloud
To crash and crackle thunderingly loud,
For the land above to light up fearfully bright
With blistering bolts to reveal their plight.

As I dream and hope and will
For a gust to cross my windowsill
Trees share secrets in a windy voice,
Pleading the skies for the world to heal.

Photo by Alena Koval on

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