On Parenting

Photo by Elly Fairytale

Do not hurt their feelings,
Or criticise them all time.
They are learning through errors,
And learning isn’t a crime.

If they are not perfect,
Neither are you nor I.
A few words of encouragement,
Will help them rectify.

While parents climbed up hills;
They have mountains to climb.
What they need are cheering words,
To help them rise and shine.

They have their loads of problems,
Which are enough for their age.
What they need is some support,
To cross the chaotic stage.

Sprinkle words of wisdom,
Don’t shower them with useless things.
A little hardship won’t harm them,
But make them grateful beings.

So, guide them if they need it;
Your experience counts a lot.
Cutting diamonds need patience;
You don’t strike them while they’re hot.

Photo by Cottonbro

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