Child’s Play

Photo by Ashley Williams

I went out every evening,
To play with my friends;
Life was pretty straight,
Without the crooked bends.

We made a lot of goals,
We scored many a run;
We made many baskets,
And had a lot of fun.

Then came the sticky virus,
And made our lives a hell;
It took away our freedom,
And tolled the death knell.

Now I stay at home,
Each and every day;
I miss my dear friends,
As I miss my play.

I look up at the sky ,
And watch the birds fly;
Among the fluffy clouds,
Gliding in the air so high.

I sit before the laptop,
And stare at the screen;
Watching my teachers struggle,
To teach and help us win.

I am getting used to my prison,
Like animals in the zoo.
Still craving for that freedom,
And sighing just like you.

Photo by Todd Trapani

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