Voice of the Virulent Virus

Photo by Polina Zimmerman

We came in absolute silence,
We’ve come without a trace;
And  within days and weeks,
We’ve shown our deadly face.
Turning life into a tizzy,
We’ve made a mockery of man;
It’s multitude that matters,
Stop us if you can.

You’re in numbers and so are we,
Both in equal killing spree.
Black death, plagues and the wars,
Ebola, dengu, COVID and sars…
Is here to give a lone  message:
‘The world is yours as well as ours.
Your insatiable greed has been a curse,
You cannot spoil things for us.’

Water’s murky, foul is the air;
Making life tough to bear.
Days of confinement has been quite bad,
Losing lives has made you sad.
But now things have to be solved,
Animals trees across the world;
Are caged or dying without food,
Life for them, isn’t pretty good.

It’s high time to mend your ways…
Without excuses, without delays;
Stop constructing buildings high!
Those concrete jungles make us sigh.
You must put up a worthy fight,
Or Nature herself will put things right.
Now, She’s trying to cure herself;
You bet she’ll do it-Without your help.

Your laws for now, you must abide,
Making sure you stay inside.
Inside your house, for a few days,
Listening to what your govt says.
For we are outside just like you;
Busy spreading the Covid scare,
Nature’s soldiers creating fear;
For, Mother Earth’s in mode of repair.


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