O Mother! Mother, I wish to be,
Like you in nature like a tree.
Giving shade, life and love,
Just like Almighty God above;
Never a sigh, did ever escape,
Tender love was your only cape.

You sacrificed so much for us,
It seemed so easy, without a fuss.
Now I tread your thorn filled path,
My feet do bleed, so does my heart.
My burden though is less than half,
My shoulders still, finds it tough;
To go about each weary task,
Every day from dawn to dusk.

My face lacks your cheerful smile;
My eyes without that look so kind.
How miserably, I fail to give,
The happiness one needs to live.
A life worth living, with love and care,
Where one can easily sorrows share,
Count on one who’s a pillar of strength,
Enduring all without complaint.

Enwrapped in Ego and selfishness,
All around I add to stress.
Oh! How I wish I cared for you,
Reflected back a love so true.
Thanked you for the things you did,
Wiped away the tears you hid,
Loved you back a million ways.
Just as you did those endless days.
Engulfed you withΒ  care and love.
Treated you like a treasure trove.

O Mother dear, I wish I could be,
Like you in nature, like a tree.

Love you Ma, wherever you are.

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