Tale of a tailor bird

Tailor bird -by Sumita Tah

The lil’ tailor bird ,
Was quite wayward;
She didn’t like making a nest,
And rather preferred to rest.

“Tweet tweet,” said she,
“Will someone help me?”
“Caw caw,” said the crow,
“What help,May I know ?”

“I need a comfy nest,
But it should be the best.”
“Well you’re a tailor bird,
for you it oughtn’t be hard.”

Advised the wise old crow,
And the bird felt really low.
“You’re so big and strong,
A li’ll nest won’t take you long.”

Said the bird to the crow,
with a curt li’ll bow.
“But your nest’s made of leaves,
which only you can weave.”

“Any nest will do
as long as it’s made by you,”
Said the lazy tailor bird.
Building a nest was hard.

The crow went to work,
picking sticks and twigs.
Hey Presto! a nest was made.
But it was a thorny little bed.

Twisting and turning all night,
In her coarse thorny bed;
She wondered what buffoon ,
That torture chamber made.

Next morn she collected leaves,
Others could hardly believe;
And stitched a comfy nest,
Which undoubtedly was the best.

That night the tailor bird,
Had sound sleep as her award;
For the hard work called for rest,
Next morning she felt refreshed.

She had learnt her lesson well,
So, she then went on to tell;
To those who chose to be losers
That,’Beggars cannot be choosers’.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

9 thoughts on “Tale of a tailor bird

  1. Builders can be choosers. This is a nice little fable. It also reminds me of the saying, “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.”


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