The Caged World

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The world is in a lockdown, its impact felt by all especially the kids, their moms the elderly and the ailing. It is really a difficult time for all without any sign of immediate respite. We all wish to go back to our normal lives and the worries related to it. The question that arises in all our minds is – When will this pandemic end?  We all want it to go away, simply vanish overnight. But logical thinking will tell us that; Wuhan which was the epicentre of the pandemic is still under partial lock down after 12 weeks. The only thing that we can do in this situation is being prepared and stop panicking unnecessarily. Try to enjoy and make the best use of this unwarranted leisure. We all hope that summer is going to bring the virus under control. I’m sure that it will.

The doctors and nurses and all those who are in the frontline services are acting as God’s own hands in their service to mankind. We, the people who can afford to stay at home must do our bit in preventing the spread; so that these angles may have lesser load. Our thoughtless acts can multiply their problems, which is already too much to handle. A little restrain and thoughtfulness on our part can do a world of good for others. Such situations call for actions and inactions which can do a world of good for others.

We must be considerate in dealing with people with whom we live. Each and every one of us is under stress, bored and worried. We must remember that we cannot change others, but we can solve many problems through our own actions. Positivity has a domino effect just like negativity; let us stay positive and spread positivity around us.  Happiness is internal and can be achieved if we really try. For people, who are grieving the loss of their dear ones, or facing sickness must take heart- for time will heal. We must give Time – time to heal our wounds.

In times of crisis we must focus on the positive outcomes. Everything has its positive and negative side. It has been a long time since the world got a chance to cure itself. The world as we are all aware is reeling under the pressure of human activities. Thoughtless acts of humans have harmed the earth and every species including humans. The world needs time to heal itself; we must let it do so, otherwise it will not let us live on earth and supply us with our wants. The ozone layer is mending itself. The wind patterns are trying to be normal. The forests, animals are happy to have the world on their own. Everything related to nature is happy. It is we humans who are in misery. We ought to be happy that after several years some cities have had pollution levels under control.

Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.

Paulo Cohelo

The truth is we are dependent on mother earth for our existence and we should not take her for granted. Mother Nature is our provider and we must worship her and show our reverence for being provided for. The pandemic is considerate towards the young ones. It is important for humanity to put a curb on their greed. The so called economic development, infrastructure, bank balances can be nullified by one stroke of nature. Every action of ours is fine as long as we think long term; for all kinds of species and preserve nature, otherwise nature will take her own course, which will make us miserable and sad.

Let us pledge to put a curb on our greed and take care of nature in future. No matter what we think, we are not smarter than our creator. If our creator has created nature for our survival it wouldn’t be wise of us to move too far away from nature’s own ways.

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The planet was here before we arrived, and will kick us out if we do not respect it.

Paulo Cohelo

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