Lessons of Life

Photo by Akil Mazumder on Pexels.com

Whatever happens in our life happens for a cause. Every experience is sent to us to teach us a lesson to make our future a better one. But do we learn from them? Yes, some people do, but others don’t. The ones who take life’s lesson and work towards betterment of their future emerge as winners; leading a purposeful happy life. Others fall into depression and ruin their chances of leading a fulfilling life.
The present scare is also a lesson for the contemporary generations. It seems to be blaring out the message- that without normal life everything is useless; and also the fact that we are, but puppets in the hands of nature.
The mighty humans are no match for the tinniest nondescript primitive life form. The mindless developmental work undertaken by humans will be rendered useless if we topple the balance in nature. The present scare shall pass, but will it be able to give the message of importance of life? I don’t merely mean human life , I also mean lives of those species who are sacrificed on the alter of so called development each day. They too had and have the right to live in this Earth – just as we do. They also want to survive – just as we do. The only thing they lack, is a voice to protest against the mindless development that the new generation is protesting against. For this generation knows; once the forests vanish; once the glaciers melt; once the rivers run dry… there will be no turning back.
There is time yet to awaken from the pretended sleep. The delusion that all is well. The false hope that others will take measures to make things right. The reality is each one of us will have to try our level best to put the balm on the ailing Earth. The Earth on which we come merely guests of time. There is time yet to save the exquisite Earth for every creation of God.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

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