Containing Coronavirus

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The rampant spread of COVID-19 previously known as 2019 novel Coronavirus is a matter of global concern. Awareness and containing of the virus among the infected few is the only way to stop its spread. Firstly, we must know the nature of the virus and how it spreads. The Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) that spreads easily through droplets from one person to another. This virus mainly spreads through respiratory droplets from an infected person within 6 feet. A single infected person can spread it to 2.2 others whereas flu virus can spread it to 1.3 others. It is somewhat big in size which makes it possible to be prevented through wearing of masks. However the main drawback is that people tend to adjust the mask too often which transmits the virus from the hands to the mask. The COVID 19 virus stays alive for nine hours on fabrics which infects the mask once a person touches it.

The novel Coronavirus stays alive in metallic surfaces for 10 hours unless wiped with a disinfectant. It means that people should be careful while using lifts, handrails, ATMs and so on. One may keep tissues while using possibly infected surfaces and ensure that the tissue is disposed in dustbins at the earliest. After handling currencies one must wash hands thoroughly with soap or alcohol based sanitizer for twenty seconds before touching the mouth, eyes or nose. Things brought from markets should be either left alone for some time so that the virus dies or they should be thoroughly washed before use.

It is best to avoid gatherings and unnecessary travel till the viral infection subsides. In case a person gets ill, he should confine himself in his home and get treatment like other viral infections. Gargling often, drinking hot water or tea with ginger, is likely to help.

Recipe for broth in case of flu or common cold:

Boil four cups of water. Put sliced ginger, bay leaf, pepper, basil leaves, cloves and boil till it is reduce to less than half the amount. Add honey and drink piping hot four times a day.    

 Clothes and articles used by the infected person should be washed with hot water. The virus is not heat resistant and is killed in a temperature of more than 40 degrees or under sunlight. The pneumonia is identified with a dry cough ,fever, sneezing, stomach upset and breathing difficulty. Eating garlic, ginger and pepper may help to fight the infection. Keeping under the quilt to raise the body temperature will help in fighting the virus. Smelling camphor and cloves also helps in keeping virus at bay.

The COVID 19 virus is dangerous for those with low-immunity therefore; care should be taken in case of people who are weak, or suffering from other ailments. For people with high immunity the recovery is like other viral infections, although people should quarantine themselves for 15 days so that the virus does not spread and prove fatal for people with low immunity. It is to be remembered that COVID-19 is twenty times more deadlier than the flu. According to recent updates there has been 100,720 cases and 3,412 deaths globally. The virus has spread to 88 countries till date. It is likely to subside and vanish with the onset of summer; till then, let us drink hot water, gargle, wash hands often and keep ourselves fit, fine and healthy.


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