Walking by the Sea

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

The mild waves licked my feet,
As I stood on the lonely beach.
The monstrous waves growled,
Rising high before the fall.

The fall tamed them down;
Experience taught them humility.
They reached the shore,
And went back silently once more.

I watched the waves repeating,
The selfsame action eternally.
The wind caressed my hair;
Welcoming a guest of time.

Two blues met at the horizon,
Happily united forever.
None can say from afar,
That it was but an illusion.

The sand around my feet,
Moved to accommodate,
Till I remained stationary;
As I moved the footprints erased.

A mere inconspicuous speck,
In the multitudinous sands of time.
I bowed my head to the creator,
Of the masterpiece called Earth.


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