Common Latin Abbreviations in English

AbbreviationsFull Latin WordsMeaningExamples
c.  circa  circa  Shakespeare was born in c 1500.  
cf.  confercompareCf. Sonnet 116 of Shakespeare.  
e.g.exempli  gratiafor example  Books e.g. novels, biographies, fiction.  
et alii/ aliaand othersSherlock Holmes et al.  
etc.Et cetraand so onFruits like apples, oranges, grapes etc.
ibidibidemin the same placeibdi. Page 20 estthat is to sayCold drinks, i.e. soft drinks, cold coffee are available.
N.B.  nota benenote wellN.B. Minimum 5 years of experience is required.
Vide  videseeVide. Document attached
Viz.videlicetnamelyThe members viz. Sam, John, Peter
The bouquet has roses, calendula, lily etc.

6 thoughts on “Common Latin Abbreviations in English

  1. There’s a Latin abbreviation that is used in encyclopedias. Paper encyclopedias are pretty much dinosaurs, but I still have a paper encyclopedia of poetry, and it uses this abbreviation:

    q.v. – quod vide – “which see” – used in encyclopedias to refer one to another entry


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