Optimism- The magic potion when you are down

Lukáš Dlutko

You have bled enough. Repeated illogical failures have scarred your soul, and you have had enough. You, traveller are at a junction in your life.

Now, you could command your body to separate. There is barely anything  holding your will down anymore. Now , you can close your eyes for what you believe will be a restful sleep.


Or, you could snap , you could snap and turn the tables so hard, that they break. You have nothing to lose, nothing to choose. You are at a junction in life, that will decide whether your pride will live or die.

Optimism, dear traveller, is easy to reign in and feign in easy waters; that is not much optimism at all. When the ship shakes, your decision lies in holding or letting go of the wheel of your life. Optimism will let you hold on with a broken arm. Hope and belief is not naivety, it is humane.  

When you are sick of pessimism, look for a ray of hope. It will be difficult, this is no easy path in tumultuous times. Optimism is for the brave, as is success. Do not be unafraid;  fear, and do it over your fears. It is the strength of your God given soul to disintegrate, just a bit, under pressure – it is your choice – whether or not to put that  small broken piece of your soul together through nuclear fission and shine so bright that the world is illuminated.

Positivity is no mean feat in this monotonously spinning world, but it is a prerequisite to hang on to the top. Optimism is not a thought, it is a necessity. Optimism is is not the feel good factor all the time, it is hitting the rock bottom and resurfacing again.

You are at the junction, you have bled enough. Now, it is time for you to take that plunge and take the world. Till you live, it is yours to keep. Try to make a mark, so that you continue to live in the hearts and minds long after you cease to live. Serve your smile and heal the world. That, dear traveller, is your ultimate destination.

If you feel that your glass is half empty- It is in your hands to fill it.

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