Hurrah! We have won the match.


An interjection is a word of exclamation, expressing a sudden feeling or emotion. They are rather marginal to language. i.e. They are not grammatically connected with any other word in a sentence.

Ah! The earthquake has destroyed many towns.

Hello! How are you?

Hurrah! We have won the match.

Alas! My dog is dead.

Oh! You scared me.

Hush! Don’t make a noise.

Ouch! I have hurt my leg.

Damn! I have lost this game.

Fie!  I am sick of you and your lies.

Wow! What a beautiful scenery it is!

Phew! That was a narrow escape.

Goodbye! See you later.

  • An interjection expresses a sudden strong feeling.


Interjections can be classified into three types.

Cognitive interjections   – these words give us information about the feelings of the speaker.

Wow! She is looking so pretty.

Emotive interjections – These words express emotions, like disgust, sorrow and fear.

Eww, What a stench!

Volitative interjections– These words act as imperative expressions commanding, requesting or demanding something from the addressee.

Hush! The baby is sleeping.

 Feelings                                          Interjections   

Surprise           –     [  Oh!   Oops!  Wow!   Gee!  What!  Boo!  Woah!   OMG!  Gosh!]

Disgust             –     [ Ugh!    Phew!     Tut-tut!      Damn!   Eww!    Yuck!  ]

Appreciation   –     [Bravo!   Encore!    Yeah!    Boo-yah!    Woo-hoo!    ]

Hatred /anger –     [Fie!      Pooh !       Hah!      Aargh!        Eek!     Rats! ]

Delight              –    [Hurray!    Cheers!     Yippee!   Bingo!    Yay!     ]

Attention         –     [Psst!     Yoo-hoo!   Hey!    Ahem!     Erm!

Greetings         –   [Goodbye!     Hello!     Hi!    Ho!    Hey!  ]

Sorrow              –  [Alas!     Ah!      Puff!     Oh!     Tsk-tsk!  ]

Onomatopoeia –    [Splash!  Bang!  Boom!  Crack!]

Pain                   –     [Ow!    Ouch!    Aah! ]

Making silent  –     [ Hush!    Shhh!  ]  

Affection          –     [ Mwah!]

Certain groups of words are also used as interjections.

Ah me!      Be quite!       Bless you!      Bloody hell!      Excuse me!      For shame!       Good gracious!    Good grief!      My goodness!       Oh God!   Oh no!     Oh dear!     Uh- oh!     Uh-huh!     Thank God!    What’s up?  Well done!          


Interjections primarily play an emotive function and are hence not usually used for academic or factual writing. These words may appear at the beginning, middle or at the end of the sentence.

Beginning of the sentence:

Wow! What a pleasant surprise.

Wow, what a pleasant surprise!

Middle of the sentence:

Look at her, my goodness, she is virtually flying!

This was certainly, my gosh, your best performance.

End of the sentence:

So it is raining again, huh?             

Hope to see you soon, goodbye!                                       

Crack! Went the thunder.

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