Showers of blessings

Droplets of life from heaven

The tip-tap of the raindrops ;
Falling on the floor ,
Remind me of the raindrops ,
From the days of yore.

Chubby little hands;
Holding on to the rail,
That ran across the window
Almost like a jail.

The street below the window;
Suddenly begins to fill,
As rain gush down in showers,
Drowning hearts with thrill.

What fun it was to make ;
The dreamy paper boats,
And sail them in the torrent ,
Hoping they would float.

The rain came down in a white sheet;
As far as eyes could see,
Covering familiar surroundings,
In an unknown mystery.

Thunder and lighting outside;
Inside were dripping sounds,
As water fell here and there,
Drop by drop on ground.

Piping hot pakoras;
Made by mommy dear,
With spicy sauce and coffee,
Made vision of heaven clear.

Watching the raindrops move by;
One after the other in clothesline,
Some moving to the very end,
Some falling before their time.

But every drop did twinkle;
Catching a ray of light,
Every drop had its shine,
Before the final flight.

Pitter- patter of raindrops;
Falling on the window sill,
That made me happy as a child,
Fills me with happiness still.

The purging effects of rain on every element of the Earth
                                Sumita Tah

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