Combating Global Warming

Global Warming and climate change.

‘Global warming’ has become one of the most used phrases in the recent times. Everyone seems to be concerned about global warming but hardly anything substantial gets done about it. It is a sad thing that in spite of knowing the causes and effects of this global phenomenon, everyone prefers to turn a blind eye towards the matter. The causes of global warming are primarily, the numerous concrete jungles that are cropping up, vehicular emissions, plastic menace and the population boom. Among these population boom is the main reason which gives birth to the other causes. It is because of these reasons that the atmosphere is getting polluted giving rise to the ‘Green House Effect’. The heat gets trapped among the dust particles and the pollutants, which stops it from going back to space and letting the earth cool down.

The effects of global warming, is proving to be disastrous for the biosphere. The list of extinct animals is going on increasing, along with the ever increasing list of new diseases.  People are pursuing careers and achieving success only to find that everything is taken away due to ill health. When people have this realization, it is often too late to mend the ways. It is same for our efforts to combat Global warming and climate change. By the time we realize that the basic requirements like air, water and food cannot be supplemented by money, it will be too late.

Protect Plant Rights.

There are laws to protect human rights, laws to protect animal rights but no laws for plant rights. There are of course certain laws for forest conservation, which are molded at will in the name of so called development. Trees like mothers are silent providers, who want nothing in return and are hence the most neglected of the lot. Trees cannot shriek, wail, yell or run away when they are butchered, hence it is Ok. to chop and uproot them at will. We forget that they are the providers of the very oxygen without which we cannot survive for more than two to three minutes. The injustice towards the providers of life giving oxygen, must be stopped. It is high time for humans to stand up for plant rights.

Don’t let the glaciers melt.

If global warming continues, the day is not far when humans will also face the same fate as the emperor penguins whose entire giant colony vanished. (In 2016, as the ice sheets collasped , the entire colony of chicks drowned. The adults did not breed after that. No one wants a bleak future for their children.) The only difference would be that they were not responsible for climate change while humans are entirely responsible for it. The good thing is that all is not lost; we still have time to rectify our errors. Simple efficient and effective measures may be taken to save our lovely earth.

More than decorative interiors, we need beautiful exteriors.

First and formost, is the need to take extensive afforestation measures. Trees must be planted everywhere and by everyone. Here we are trying to achieve a secure future for every living being on earth. Just as we save money for future, similarly we are here trying to protect our, as well as the future generation’s health and well being. It will prove to be the greatest investment that we have ever made. This afforestation measure can be simplified, if we involve our future generation in it. It would indeed be a wise and effective measure on the part of the governments, if they involved all educational institutions in planting of trees. Governments of all countries should make tree plantation one of the mandatory activities for students in the age group of 11 to 14 yrs.

Trees will prevent roads from heating up.

 Once a year the students should be made to plant a tree in a given stretch of road allotted to the school by the government. The school will be responsible to maintain the trees in that stretch of road. Although cumbersome at the beginning, it will be a source of pride in the future. This can be extended to other organizations and industries who will take up afforestation measures as part of community service. If such measures are implemented throughout the world it would prove to be a simple effective measure in ensuring a pollution free atmosphere for the coming generations. The students and people who plant the trees will also retain a good memory, in form of a ’ Tree Friend’.

The cool shade of friendship.

We must find innovative ways to protect our mother earth and be successful in it. Governments should ban plastic manufacturing, and find biodegradable alternatives to plastic. Mindless constructions of concrete jungles should also be curbed through stringent measures. Old buildings should be demolished and new buildings made on those sites instead of encroaching forests and wastelands. Multiplexes and sky rises must be made to have some green cover to prevent heat retention. Along with these measures, schools and societies should preach minimalist approach to life to prevent unnecessary exploitation of earth’s resources, which should be saved for the future generations. If people buy only what they need and start reusing and recycling things, the mountains of waste that is generated everyday can be curbed to some extent. These toxic wastes pose a grave threat to our future and must be generated only at the minimal level.

STOP Plastic menace.

It all starts with our thinking. As we think, so we do. As we do, so we yield. This is the simplest process that guides our life. We must all start thinking about giving back positively to nature. So far, it has been nature which has taken care of us and we have only taken all the way. We have only given back negatively to nature which has resulted in ‘Global Warming and Climate Change.’ We must now change our ways and give back to nature positively, if we really want to continue to enjoy the bounties of nature. If we don’t, nature too will give back negatively which will be very difficult for us to tolerate. It is time for action…. For more than money, we want pure air ,water and food for our children.

Barak Obama.

           “Think, Act, and Save the Planet.”


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