The World is Beautiful Yet

Every atom is God’s masterpiece

A bright sunny day,
Calling out to all.
Come out and see the beauty;
Don’t stay inside the walls.

Open up your minds,
To the beauties of the world.
Look at the amazing creations ,
Before they are sold.

Trees chopped down .
For the most wondrous roads.
A ride towards disasters;
But the road is smooth and broad.

The lanes are numerous…
So multitudes can travel.
Accelerate fast as they can,
A parched future to unravel.

A future without purity ,
If nature’s polluted; nothing’s pure,
Polluted land,water, air,
Breeding ground for Earth’s sores.

The all powerful human kind,
Proud of killing various species.
Will find themselves helpless,
Breathless, gasping for air.

The price of excessive greed;
They have to pay with huge interests,
With the same money they had earned,
Selling things that were free.

So, while we have the time;
Let’s go out and find the beauty.
Of a world that is God’s masterpiece,
Every stroke, a mark of genius.

While development reaches out,
It’s monstrous hands and spoils;
The canvas with its dirty, grimy hands,
Specks of red, sprinkled throughout.

Let us keep mementos, in forms of art,
Of the great masterpiece that once was,
In our shiny drawing rooms in skyrises,
That will soon become a prison.

At first people will strive to survive,
Within the decorated walls.
Oxygen masks as lifelines attached,
Without which life is impossible.

The piled up garbage of the multitudes
Choking every life.
Killing those without masks.
No animals…no plants…no food.

Then people will dread, development,
Flee the choking cities.
And live like animals far away,
From the putrid cities, hubs of death.

Form nature to nature,
It will form a full cycle.
The ego, pride… results of ignorance,
Will end up, a heap of dust.


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